Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam

Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam

Seen your Facebook friend liked and posted on “Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only)“? Be careful as this is a Facebook scam. “Eat at McDonalds for Free! (limited time only)” is a Facebook scam which will make you like the site as well as post the scam message in your Facebook profile, then ultimately ask you to complete a survey.


Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) is a type of survey Facebook scam where it will trick users into completing a survey or giving out their personal information such as credit cards. These type of scams exist because the scammer gets paid every time they trick a user into completing or answering a survey. Facebook being one of the world’s most successful social networking site means that more and more users will tricked into filling the survey.

Investigating Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam

The link “Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only)” will take you to “” then forward you to “”.


IMPORTANT: Scammer hints – McDonalds is a multi-million dollar company or even billion dollar company and it is obvious that this is a scam as do you think McDonalds would use domains such as “” or “”??

See the pic below, seems that I have friends already scammed by this site.


Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam Pictures:

Looking at the source code, the scammer hide some of the contents, but first let’s look at the images used. – McDonald’s logo (used for sharing in Facebook) – black/white background image – McDonald’s logo (used for content)

Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam Steps:

Let’s look deeper. The first scam step is to post to profile, the link below will run a javascript code and make you share the “Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only)” scam site in your facebook profile.


Next step makes you “Add a Comment” & say Thanks. See that over 742 comments AND COUNTING have been made my unsuspecting Facebook users.

Also hidden is a stat tracker, seems like 5,722 people online using this as of now. Stat tracker used was (mcdo1337mcdo).


Site then forwards you to “” which is really “” just shortened.


Going to the site, leads you to its money maker scam survey site. Completing this will make the scammer get paid. Scammer used CPALead, a CPA network site, he is using CPALead for his scams.


Looking at his scam survey site, you could see that his CPALead gateid is MjEyMTgw. See the pic below. I wonder whether you can report this to CPALead or not.


Also he is just using a custom background located at

Looking furthermore in the survey scam site, show the url “” which directs you to a site showing a Youtube video of “FREE MEAL AT MC DONALD’s (REMI GALLARD)“, and bottom content is in French. Youtube video url is Hidden below the site is another stats by (iamaleet).


Going to the url without the “content.php”, “” will take you too a French site offering a free menu, and clicking the Facebook share button will make you share ““, “Offre speciale: recevez un Menu gratuit au choix! (offre limitee)“, a copy of “Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only)” Scam site but done in French.



Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam Urls Involved:

Other scam urls involved. (As seen in the Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) scam site source code)

Moral lesson is be careful in what you share, like or click in Facebook, also be careful with this kinds of Facebook scam survey sites like Eat at McDonalds for FREE! (limited time only) Scam site as this is not really from McDonalds. Yes we know all people want to get things for free this days, and even scammers want to get free money as well.