Facebook Graph Search Review: Introduction to Graph Searching

Facebook Graph Search is a new feature on Facebook that helps you find more of what you are searching for. Basically it helps you discover more people, places, and things you are looking for and find new connections based on what others have shared on Facebook.

Graph search is available to a small number of people that are using Facebook in English (US) on a limited preview for Desktop. It’s mobile version will be available later this 2013.

We are lucky enough to get a chance to try and be a part of the Graph Search Beta. To gain access on it you’ll need to go the official Facebook Graph Search link and sign up by clicking on the “Try Graph Search” to be a part of a limited beta program for English (US) audiences.

How to use Facebook Graph Search?

facebook graph search bar

Click on the graph search bar located at the top of the Facebook page. You can search there anything you’re into.

facebook graph search

Begin typing your search. You can use simple phrase to explore connections.

As you type along, a list of suggested searches will appear.

facebook graph search example

Choose from the suggested searches or finish typing then hit enter.

facebook graph searches

From there you can filter and refine the search. You can filter by adding Basic Info, Work and Education, Likes and Interests, Photos and Videos, Living, Relationships & Family, Extend Search, and more options to extend the search as shown in the image below.

facebook graph search filters

You can also use some of the existing Facebook Graph Search shortcuts as seen below.

facebook graph search shortcuts

Facebook Graph Search Review

We tried and tested Facebook Graph Search using various keyword searches and below are the things we have found out.

facebook graph search wiztechie

Upon typing our website Wiztechie, we noticed several key suggested searches on it like people who like Wiztechie, friends who like Wiztechie, photos of and by Wiztechie. We also noticed that it includes a “Web Search” as seen in the image below. Clicking on the “Web Search” takes you to a search results page, which you can move from page to page inside Facebook.

facebook graph web search

Also the results of the Facebook “Web Search” using the Graph Search are powered by Bing.

facebook graph web search bing

See the actual search results below coming from Bing.

bing wiztechie

Since Facebook has millions and millions of users, and people do log in everyday, we can assume that Bing search users can increase. Google has the largest share of the search engine market, and considering Facebook number of users and being the number one social networking site, Bing’s search engine market share could increase.

To access the “Web Search” via the Graph Search, you can also use the sting “Web Search:”. Web Search followed by a colon sign.

Using the Facebook Graph Search, you can target people based on what they have shared on Facebook, which is very useful for business, marketers and human resources. For example I am a dancing instructor and conduct dancing lesson that lives in U.S. I can use the Facebook Graph Search to target directly people who are interested in dancing. This way I could increase my income or sales, and even connections by directly targeting people in the U.S. that are interested in dancing. See the example below, I have used “People from Los Angeles, California who like Dancing and who live in United States” as the search parameters.

facebook sample graph search

From here I can send an invite or message them about the “dance training lesson” or “dancing promotions” that I offer. Take note that I directly used the “Hometown” as filter to make the searches more exact.

If you are from Human Resource, you can even find out more about the employees of your company. In this example I will be using the search parameters “McDonald’s employees who live in Manila, Philippines and like Drinking and Partying”. You can substitute the “Drinking” and “Partying” to any particular like search that you want.

facebook sample graph search 2

Final Notes:

Facebook Graph Search proves its worthiness and very useful for people, businesses, and marketers in searching for particular people which can be their potential clients, friends, or connections. Having a “Web Search” inside Facebook lets user’s not go outside of Facebook, as they can search directly from it. This feature will certainly help a lot of users, and make Bing increase their search engine users.

Having the ability to directly choose targeted potential clients will help both good and evil marketers as well. We will not go into details on how it can be used for bad purposes. In turn, Facebook users should be concerned on what they share on Facebook as it may potentially lead to some problems. For example, I can search for married men who likes prostitutes, or even people who like racism, which people may view as “not the right thing” and there’s a possibility that some users would have this problem.

Overall, Facebook Graph Search is a bad-ass weapon if you know how to use it well.