Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 is Now Open for Registrations

Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 is Now Open for Registrations

Facebook has opened its registration for the Facebook 2013 Hacker Cup. The Facebook Hacker Cup is an annual worldwide programming competition where hackers can compete against each other for fame, fortune, glory, and a shot in becoming a Facebook Hacker Cup world champion. Qualification round begins on January 25th.

Facebook 2013 Hacker Cup Registration

Visit Facebook Hacker Cup registration page to register for the Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 competition.

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Facebook Hacker Cup 2013 Important Dates

Jan 7 – Jan 27: Registration

Jan 25 – Jan 27: Online Qualification Round

Feb 2: Online Elimination Round 1

Feb 9: Online Elimination Round 2

Feb 16: Online Elimination Round 3

March 22 -23: Onsite Finals at Facebook

Facebook Hacker Cup Prizes:

First Place – $5,000

Second Place – $2,000

Third Place – $1,000

More About the Facebook Hacker Cup

Basically, the Hacker Cup competition is designed to test the speed, accuracy, and skills of programmers from around the world. Way back in 2012, Facebook reported that 8,000 people from over 150 countries entered the qualification round in January.  Over the course there are more rounds which will narrow down the contestant pool down to finalists. The finalists then are flown out to Facebook and compete for the Facebook Hack Cup World Champion title.

The competition involves presenting programming challenges and problems to the finalists. The finalists need to provide solution and implement in with an allotted time. The problems are designed to test creativity, accuracy, and speed. In order to complete the challenges in time, contestants need to hack out new answers.

If a finalist completed a problem, a live scoreboard will be updated with their name and the problem they had solved. Back in the Facebook Hacker Cup 2012, contestants were able to specify their programming language as well as their dev environment preferences beforehand. (In the Facebook Hacker Cup 212, 70% chose C++ as their programming language.)

Facebook Hacker Cup 2012 (Last Year) Winners

Roman Andreev of Russia won the last year competition and $5,000, followed by Tomek Czajka from United States who got in second place and $2,000, and third place plus $,1000 went to Tiancheng Lou from China.