WizTechie Facebook Open Graph Social Reader App

WizTechie, Pinoy Tech Blog, Philippines Technology Blog, is now powered by Facebook Open Graph Social Reader App. Read the full story on how Facebook Open Graph App and Social Reader App works.

Facebook Open Graph allows the apps to model Facebook user activities based on actions and objects. An Open Graph App has the ability to “make” (action) an “activity” (object). A news reading app shows the ability to “read” (action) a “news” (object). As Facebook user’s engage with the app, activities are publish to Facebook via actions and objects.

facebook open graph

News reading social reader app is currently enable with few popular sites such as Yahoo, Guardian, Washington Post, Daily Motion, and more. Yahoo has produced its Social Bar which leverage the Open Graph protocol. With these social reader app sites coming up, added to the list is WizTechie, a Pinoy Tech Blog and Philippines Technology Blog site.

WizTechie Facebook Open Graph Read Action Gets Approved

After doing hard work on researching, submitting of the Open Graph action multiple times, and fixing the Facebook Open Graph Social Reader App to comply with the Open Graph requirements. Finally WizTechie OpenGraph read news actions gets approved by Facebook.

facebook open graph approved

How WizTechie Facebook Open Graph Social Reader App Works?

User needs to connect via the Facebook connect button and grant publish actions premission on the Facebook app.

Try it, connect your Facebook using the button below. (You can also see the Facebook connect button in the sidebar section.)

After successfully connecting, the WizTechie Facebook Social Reader App shows on the site’s sidebar. It uses the Open Graph protocol in querying and displaying Facebook user details.

facebook open graph app

Reading an article will make the Facebook user share it in their Facebook Timeline. User can see the recently read articles by clicking the “Show Activity” button.

Note: Facebook user needs to manually refresh the page to display and see the most updated Activity lists.

facebook activity

facebook social reader app

From there user can “Turn On/Off Sharing” the articles by clicking on the “Social On” and “Social Off” button links.

turn sharing on-off

Facebook user can also delete recently published articles in their Timeline by clicking “Show Activity” and “Delete article from Timeline” buttons.

delete article from timeline

Facebook Open Graph opens a lots of new things and areas with regards to social marketing and social networking. Sites that have manage to tap on the Facebook Open Graph App power is now enjoying its results. As of now, Facebook is continuosly growing with more than 800 million active users. Knowing how to use the Open Graph will certainly help you in internet marketing and social networking. For now have fun and enjoy using the WizTechie Facebook Open Graph App and Social Reader App.