Facebook Privacy Shortcuts Guide

A Guide on Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

Facebook just recently added a new feature called Privacy Shortcuts, where you can easily change your privacy settings faster. The Privacy Shortcut button can be seen at the top right side near the Settings icon (see screenshot below).

facebook privacy shortcuts

Facebook Privacy Shortcuts is divided into 3 categories:

  • Who can see my stuff?
  • Who can contact me?
  • How do I stop someone from bothering me?

Facebook Privacy Shortcuts Features

Who can see my stuff? – Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

who can see my stuff

On this category, you can change the privacy settings on how people can see your posts and activities that you are being tagged in.

Who can see my future posts?

Depending on your preference, you can select Public, Friends, Only Me, or Custom to see your posts. Use Custom if you want to customize who to share or do not share your post. Keep in mind that this setting only affects your future posts.

Activity Log Shortcut

Activity Log lets you see photos that you are tagged in and stuffs that may appear in the news feed, search, and other places on Facebook. It lets you review all your post and things that you are tagged in. From there you can see all the activity, as well as change the privacy settings. You can also select if its allowed or hidden from your Timeline, or delete the activity.

View As

View As is a privacy feature that lets you view your profile as another people. Basically it lets you see your timeline as another person. The tool lets you see what your Timeline looks like when it is viewed by public or a specific friend.

Who can contact me? – Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

who can contact me

This category lets you manage your manage your message filters. You can set whose messages do you want to get filtered on your inbox. Messages that are filtered out of your inbox will be appearing in your “Other folder”. Based on the setting, you can select:

Basic Filtering – Basic Filtering is the default and recommended option.   You’ll see mostly messages from friends and people you may know like friends of friends in your inbox. Other people messages will go to your Other folder.

Strict Filtering – Selecting Strict Filtering, will let you mostly see messages from friends in your inbox. Message from people may go to your Other folder.

Who can send me friend request?

This setting only lets you select “Everyone”, where all people can send you a friend request, and “Friends of Friends”, where only the people connected with your friends can add you as a friend.

How do I stop someone from bothering me? – Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

block someone on facebook

This feature lets you block someone to unfriend them and prevent them from messaging you or see your stuffs that were posted on your timeline. Use this feature if you are hiding to someone, or preventing someone to see your Facebook. Note that when you block a person, you also cannot see their profile using your account.

 See More Settings – Facebook Privacy Shortcuts

facebook privacy settings tool

This shortcut link will take you directly to the Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools. From there, you can adjust your privacy, timeline, and tagging settings on your account.

Who can see my stuff?

  • Set who can see your future posts.
  • Let’s you review all your post and things that you are tagged into using the Activity Log.
  • Limit the audience for past post you’ve shared with friends of friends or with Public using Limit Past Posts.

Who can look me up?

  • Change the setting who can look you using your email address or phone number you’ve provided Facebook with.
  • Let’s you choose who can look up your timeline by name.
  • You can change the search engine visibility setting to prevent search engines linking to your timeline.

As Facebook grows fast, it will continue to add some privacy settings for their users. Having a detailed and easier changing of privacy setting will certainly help a lot of users. Hope that this Facebook Privacy Shortcuts guide helped you.