Facebook Profile Evolution 2005 – 2012

Facebook Profile Evolution (2005 – 2012)

Wonder how Facebook profiles looked way back on 2005? Here is an article showing the Facebook Profile Evolution from year 2005 to 2012. Facebook has been continuously tweaking user’s profile design so it could help and greatly improve user’s experience as they browse profiles of their friends, family, relative, or other people.

This 2012, the Facebook Timeline feature allows you to check back everything you have done in the past since you have joined on Facebook. While the feature at the start of its implementation was not easily accepted by some Facebook user’s, some do really enjoy the new design especially marketers who can visually promote their brand or products with ease.

Facebook was launched way back in February 2004 and personally I have joined on it in the year 2007, where poking was the “in” thing back then, and Friendster was a very popular site.  I have witness on how Facebook design gradually improve and come to their interface right now.

Here is a compilation of snapshots that highlights the changes that Facebook made on their user profiles over the years.

Behold the Facebook Profile Evolution from 2005 to 2012.

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Facebook Profile 2005

facebook profile 2005

Facebook Profile 2006

facebook profile 2006

Facebook Profile 2007

facebook profile 2007

Facebook Profile 2008

facebook profile 2008

Facebook Profile 2009

facebook profile 2009

Facebook Profile 2010

facebook profile 2010

Facebook Profile 2011

facebook profile 2011

Facebook Profile 2012 (Facebook Timeline)

facebook profile 2012

So what do you think will be the next design for Facebook profile? My guess is that it would be somewhat similar to the Windows 8 where there would be tiles that can be shifted and moved. This is just my guess. Have fun as you look on this Facebook Profile Evolution from 2005 to 2012.



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