Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings and Cover Photo Tips

Want to change your Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings? Do not want your Facebook cover photo being exposed to public? Today you’ll be learning some tips and guides on how to change your Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings. Before showing some tips, you must first know that your cover photo album and you main profile picture are public and cannot be changed. This is maybe for the reason that Facebook implemented it for your friends and family to identify you easily.

While some of us are private persons that do not want to expose so much information about ourselves. But it seems that Facebook Timeline can show some of our posts, pictures or cover photos that we do not want others to see. One advantage of Facebook Timeline and also one of its disadvange if you got stalkers is that it makes easier to find things like wall posts, events, etc., as these items are searchable in your Facebook profile by the date. Below is a guide on how to make your Facebook Timeline private.

Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings

Steps in Changing your Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings

Make your Facebook Timeline Private with these following steps.

1. Go to Privacy Settings > Open “How You Connect” setting and change the “Who can post on your timeline? and “Who can see posts by others on your timeline?” from being Public to Friends.

2. From Privacy Settings > Open “How Tags Work” setting and change the “Maximum Timeline Visibility” from being Public to just Friends.

3. From the Privacy Settings again > Open “How Tags Work” setting and change the “Maximum Timeline Visibility” from being Public to Friends.

Note that if you are selective, or you want to customize the visibility, you can select from the setting, “Custom” or choose the “Only Me” option for complete privacy.

4. To limit your past post, posts that are made public from past to be viewable by only your friends. From the Privacy Settings > Open the “Limit the Audience for Past Posts” setting and click the “Manage Past Post Visibility”, and finally select “Limit Old Posts”. Doing this will change you past posts to be viewable Friends only.

How to Hide Past Posts including your Cover Photos in Timeline?

Facebook Hide From Timeline

The process is easy but if you have tons of posts, then definitely this will take a lot of your time. So how can you hide the posts? You can hide it by clicking on its upper right corner and choosing “Hide from Timeline” or you can delete it by choosing “Delete Post” if you wanted to.

How to Delete Your Post from your Friend’s Timeline

To delete and remove posts that you have made into your friend’s Timeline, all you have to do is click the “Activity Log” from your Timeline. From there you’ll be able to see all your post like your comments, events, and likes, which are organized and categorized by date. You could also, click “All” and choose “Your Posts” in the upper corner. This way the “Activity Log” will be filtered and will only show your posts and well as some links that you have shared.

From there you can select if its “Allowed on Timeline” or not. But remember that you cannot hide it from your friend’s wall or timeline. Because it’s no longer on your Timeline, the only way to remove it, is to delete it.

More Facebook Timeline Privacy Tips

Remember that your Cover Page album privacy setting is set to public, and when a certain user browse your Cover Photo, then he or she will see all the photos inside that album. So in order for you to make it private, the only way is to delete that Cover Photo. If you want to show some of your photos in Public, all you got to do is make a separate album for photos that you wanted to be shown in public. This can be your advertising photos or some of your work of art photos.

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Remember that our own privacy is important to us. While some of us wants to be known publicly, others do not want to expose too much information about themselves. Facebook is the largest social networking site as of today and exposing data about ourselves can be damaging as some bad guys exists such as stalkers, spammers, or people with bad intention wants information that they can use about us. With this hope this Facebook Timeline Privacy Settings Guide and Facebook Cover Photo Tips helped you changed your Facebook Profile Privacy Settings.


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