Fastest Password Cracker – oclHashcat-plus v0.08 Released

oclHashcat-plus the fastest Password cracker. Looking for a way to recover or crack passwords in md5crypt, mscash2, phpass and WPA/WPA2? oclHashcat-plus is here! oclHashcat-plus is the world’s first and only GPGPU based rule engine and is the world’s fastest md5crypt, mscash2, phpass, and WPA/WPA2 cracker. You can use these tool to recover your lost password, or passwords that you fail to remember.

oclHashcat-plus is  free and a great tool for password recovery. It can be used for password brute forcing and with its multi-gpu and low resource utilization, you can watch movies or play online games while waiting for a password to crack. It also supports pause and resume, and is heavily developed with permormance in mind.

Fastest Password Cracker - oclHashcat-plus v0.08

oclHashcat-plus Features:

  • Free
  • Multi-GPU (up to 16 gpus)
  • Multi-Hash (up to 24 million hashes)
  • Multi-OS (Linux & Windows native binaries)
  • Multi-Platform (OpenCL & CUDA support)
  • Multi-Algo (see below)
  • Low resource utilization, you can still watch movies or play games while cracking
  • Focuses highly iterated, modern hashes
  • Focuses single dictionary based attacks
  • Supports pause / resume while cracking
  • Supports reading words from file
  • Supports reading words from stdin
  • Integrated thermal watchdog
  • 20+ Algorithms implemented with performance in mind
  • … and many more

oclHashcat-plus attack modes:

  • Straight (accept Rules)
  • Combination
  • Brute-force
  • Permutation
  • Hybrid dict + mask
  • Hybrid mask + dict

oclHashcat-plus Operating System:

  • Works on all Windows and Linux operating systems (with 32 and 64 bit support)

oclHashcat-plus Algorithms

  • MD5
  • Joomla
  • osCommerce, xt:Commerce
  • SHA1
  • SHA-1(Base64), nsldap, Netscape LDAP SHA
  • SSHA-1(Base64), nsldaps, Netscape LDAP SSHA
  • Oracle 11g
  • SMF > v1.1
  • OSX v10.4, v10.5, v10.6
  • MSSQL(2000)
  • MSSQL(2005)
  • MySQL
  • phpass, MD5(WordPress), MD5(phpBB3)
  • md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5, Cisco-IOS MD5
  • MD4
  • NTLM
  • DCC, mscash
  • SHA256
  • descrypt, DES(Unix), Traditional DES
  • md5apr1, MD5(APR), Apache MD5
  • SHA512
  • OSX v10.7
  • DCC2, mscash2
  • Cisco-PIX MD5
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Double MD5
  • vBulletin < v3.8.5 vBulletin > v3.8.5
  • IPB2+, MyBB1.2+
  • LM
  • Oracle 7-10g

Download oclHashcat-plus password cracker

Download oclHashcat-plus here.