Feedburner 0 Subscribers Bug? Feedburner Subscribers turned 0

Checking my website, I have found that my Feedburner Subscribers number turned to 0. Is this a bug or a problem with Google Feedburner? Anyone had the same problem as me, instantly turning my Google Feedburner subscriber number display to zero?

Upon checking my website, I have seen that my Feedburner Subscribers instantly turned to 0. I have been using Feedburner to update my subscribers with my latest post on my site, and so far I have gathered around 300+ subscribers. Seeing that my Feedburner Subscribers number instantly went from 300+ to 0, I quickly logged in in my Google Feedburner account then I saw that really the total number of subscribers is 0. Check the screenshot below, also Google Feedburner header above turned into “My Feeds dot dash dot dot dot dot dot dot” and refreshing it, make it turned into “My Feeds need to socialize”.

feedburner subscribers turned 0

Is this a bug or a problem with Google Feedburner services? Analyzing my Feedburner Feed Stats Dashboard, I can see the number that supposed to be appearing with my Feedburner subscriber number.

feedburner subscribers 0 bug

I still don’t know if this is just a bug or a problem with Feedburner Services. Is this a sign that Feedburner is dying? Hopefully it is not, but to make sure I recommend Feedburner users to save a copy of your Feedburner Email Subscriber details.

I’m still on search and researching for Feedburner 0 Subscribers bug news, and hopefully this is only temporary and will get fixed. Any thoughts why Feedburner Subscribers number turned 0?


A post on Feedburner status blog on September 21, 2012 says that they are encountering difficulties with their stats production pipeline for data, and they are currently working to resolve the issue.

Feedburner 0 Known Issue on Subscriber Count and Stats

Also checking one of my subscribe emails in my blog, I have found out that Feedburner does work and is sending feeds to subscribers. In conclusion, the problem only lies on the Feedburner Subscriber counts and stats and does not affect sending out feeds to your email subscribers.

feedburner 0

Google is currently working to resolve Feedburner 0 Subscribers problem and fix your Feedburner feeds directly turn to zero.


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