File Sharing is Now Legal in Portugal

File sharing for personal use is now declared as legal in Portugal. Read the full story about file sharing is now legal in Portugal here.

Hoping to restrain the increasing piracy figures in Portugal, ACAPOR anti-piracy group reported over 2,000 alleged file sharers to the Attorney General last year. This week the Portuguese prosecutor came back to a ruling deciding not to go after the individuals whom are connected to the IP addresses. According to him, it is not against the law to share copyrighted works for personal use, and more over IP address is not enough evidence to identify a person.

file sharing portual

The prosecutor adds that right to education, culture, and freedom of expressions on Internet should not be restricted in cases that copyright infringements are clearly noncommercial.

The order notes also pointed out the IP address in not an actual person. The ruling explained that the person that is connected to the IP address is not necessarily the user at the moment where the infringement takes place. The statement actually means that, the people connected to the 2,000 IP addresses are not necessarily all copyright infringers.

While the decision is positive for Portuguese file sharers, this is actually still a matter of how law is interpreted. For now, it is safe to assume that Portugal is spared from mass torrent lawsuits that are seen in United States, UK, and Germany, as file sharing is now legal in Portugal.