Firefox 22 New Features and Updates

Mozilla has launched a new version of their Firefox browser (Firefox 22) which includes new features, updates and enhancements. Get to know Firefox 22 and its added features by downloading Firefox version 22 now.

Firefox is a popular web browser application by Mozilla, and is available for many platforms for both desktop and mobile devices. This includes Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android mobile phones or tablets. Firefox continues to deliver great user experience for both Web developers and casual end users.

Download Firefox 22

Firefox 22 is available for download on Mozilla. Here is an alternative link for Firefox 22. The new version (Firefox Browser for Android) is also available in Google Play for Android devices.

What’s New with Firefox 22

Firefox 22

Below is a brief summary list of what was changed, added, and fixed on Firefox 22.

New Features:

– WebRTC is now enabled by default. WebRTC is a technology that enables audio/video streaming and data sharing between browser peers or clients. What is does is that it provides any browser the ability to share application data and perform teleconferencing using peer to peer technology, without installing plug-ins and other third party softwares.

– Firefox now displays scaling options that can render text larger on high resolution displays. (For Windows)

– Added download progress in Dock application icon. (For Mac OS X)

– The HTML5 audio/video playback rate can now be changed.

– Social services managements have been added in Add-ons Manager.

– asm.js optimizations (OdinMonkey) is enabled for performance improvements.


– WebGL rendering performance was improved through the asynchronous canvas updates.

– Plain text files that are displayed within Firefox will now word wrap.

– For user security purposes, the “| Components |” object is no longer accessible from web content.

– The Pointer Lock API can now be used when outside of full screen.

Developer Changes/Updates:

– CSS3 Flexbox in now implemented and enabled by default. CSS3 Flexbox is a layout mode that provides arrangement of elements on a page such as the elements will behave predictably when the page layout must render different screen sizes and different display devices.

– New Web Notifications API was implemented.

– clipboardData API was added for JavaScript access to a user’s clipboard.

– Added new built-in font inspector.


– Fixed scrolling using some high-res-scroll aware touchpads that feels slow.

– Fixed various security issues.

HTML 5 Changes:

– New HTML5 <data> and <time> elements added.

Unresolved Known Issues:

– Starting Firefox using a locked profile will make it crash.

Firefox 22 Contributors

Below are the diligent and enthusiastic 42 developers that contributed their first code change to Firefox in this version 22 release.