Free and Live Ethical Hacking and InfoSec Training

Looking for where you can get free ethical hacking and InfoSec training? Look no further as HackAdemy, a free eLearning information training and course is here.

Get Free and Live Ethical Hacking and InfoSec Training

What is HackAdemy?

HackAdemy is a free eLearning platform co-founded by Marius Corici, CEO for Hack a Server Project.  It offers free and live learning which specializes in InfoSec training and courses. It is a place where people can learn and teach each other about the latest online security using the values of Open Knowledge.

See the end of the article on how to get this free and live ethical hacking and infosec training.

Open Knowledge is making the knowledge free to use, reuse or redistribute without legal restriction. IT is a set of principles that relates to distributing or producing knowledge works in an open manner.

Is the Live InfoSec Training Course Free?

HackAdemy courses respect three criterias, namely Free of charge, Free to distribute and Hands on only. HackAdemy security can only be learned via Hands on only.

Why HackAdemy Offers InfoSec Course for Free?

There are two major reasons why Marius Corici did this. First is that he realized that there is no such product over the internet that offers, a free eLearning platform that is focused on security industry.

Second is that, as Internet grows world needs well trained system administrators and well-trained coders or programmers regarding security matters. HackAdemy’s goal is to patch or at least try to patch that widening gap.

Who are HackAdemy’s Free InfoSec Training Course Students?

  • Students from CS faculties that want to learn and are interested in InfoSec industry.
  • People who are in love with hacking and those who want to find out more about it.
  • System administrators who want to improve their defensive and offensive security skills.
  • Web application developers that want to find out how to avoid vulnerabilities on what they build.
  • Anyone who wanted to become an ethical hacker.

How Can I Join and Get Free and Live Ethical Hacking and InfoSec Training?

Free and Live Ethical Hacking and InfoSec Training

Free and Live Ethical Hacking and InfoSec Training

To get full access, simply visit HackAdemy and register for a new account.

HackAdemy will open on October 10, 2012! So register and become a student now. We want to thank Marius for making this free and live ethical hacking and InfoSec training course possible. See you in class.