How To Get Free TorrentLeech Invite

How To Get Free TorrentLeech Invite?

Get free TorrentLeech invite now! Get it fast before they close the invites! As you may not know, TorrentLeech is considered as the KING of private torrent sites, which they just revamped recently their site, upgrading to TorrentLeech v3 adding changes to its looks plus increasing the speed. Do not miss this opportunity.

Before you read the guide for the invite please read the disclaimer below:
By continuing to read the guide below, you adhere that this site cannot be held responsible for whatever action you will be doing inside TorrentLeech like signing up or downloading any materials. If you agree with this then proceed to read the guide on how to get your TorrentLeech invitation code.

Guide continued:

Torrent Leech Invite

Be wary though, you must stick to the site rules especially the ratio, in order to keep your membership. Remember that, their site do not promote hit and run downloading styles. Regarding that check out their FAQ, info, and guides at

So how to get free invites?

Steps in getting a free TorrentLeech invite

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a username and join the chatroom
  3. Just accept to run all Java security warning to join the chat
  4. Once inside the chatroom, just post your email address.
  5. That’s it. No need for please, or hi, hello, or anything like that. Just do step 4 “as is” and you will be just fine.

As seen from

Just follow the above steps, and you will receive your free invite and become a member of a wonderful community.

So now you’ve finally invite code and is now a , what’s next?

torrentleech invitation code

Like I said above, do not be a download madman, just first read their User Guides for NEW Members. As this will help you maintain your account with Torrentleech. Remember do not hit and run, always seed whatever you have download. Their user guide is so detailed that it has all the information you need for the site. Enjoy this free TorrentLeech invite!


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