Free Wallpaper – BackTrack 5 Wallpapers

Official Backtrack 5, a penetration testing Linux distribution wallpapers.

File type: JPEG

Resolution: 1920×1200

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Free Wallpapers – Backtrack 5 (penetration testing Linux distribution)

Looking for free Backtrack 5 wallpapers?

These images are the original Backtrack 5 wallpapers coming from the Backtrack 5 OS itself.

I copied it from my Backtrack 5 machine, and using it in my Windows machine as wallpaper.

I like to share it to everyone.


Backtrack 5 Black

Backtrack 5 Black Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 blue

Backtrack 5 Blue Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 camo

Backtrack 5 Camo Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 green

Backtrack 5 Green Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 grey

Backtrack 5 Grey Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 orange

Backtrack 5 Orange Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 PitchBlack

Backtrack 5 Pitch Black Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 purple

Backtrack 5 Purple Wallpaper


Backtrack 5 yellow

Backtrack 5 Yellow Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2

Backtrack 5 Original/Default Dev Red Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 black

Backtrack 5 Dev Black Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 blue dark red five

Backtrack 5 Dev Blue Dark Red Five Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 Camoflouge red five

Backtrack 5 Dev Camouflage Red Five Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 green red five

Backtrack 5 Dev Green Red Five Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 Orange red five

Backtrack 5 Orange Red Five Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 Purple red five

Backtrack 5 Purple Red Five Wallpaper


Dev backtrack v7 v2 Yellow red five

Backtrack 5 Yellow Red Five Wallpaper


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