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Get Fresh FREE .Edu Backlinks

Looking for some fresh .edu blogs where you can post some comments? Here is a list of some .edu sites that can provide free .edu backlinks to your site. So why having an .edu backlink is important for ranking your site well in search engines? It is known that .edu domain ranks higher that other sites, as Google and other search engines put more relevance on this websites. How to get a .edu TLD? In order to have an .edu domain, the owner or the administrator must prove that they are a legal and accredited academic university that provides education for people, students, or organizations.

.Edu Backlinks are 100x better than your average backlink. One backlink from an .edu website can actually provide ranking power equal to over 100 backlinks from other ordinary websites. So why not try getting an .Edu backlink now and leverage the ranking power of your blog.

Get your FREE .Edu Backlinks now.

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Some tips on how to use the above links.

1. Comment in an intelligent way, or do proper comment posting by reading the article so that you can place a relevant comment.

2. Do not do keyword stuffing in your comment. While some of the .edu blogs site listed above, allows you to input HTML tags, do not place like multiple keywords in your comment.

3. A single comment would suffice. Do not put multiple comments in the blog at the same time, except if your were asked in the comment section by the author. It is not wise, and you will be automatically labeled as a spammer.

Don’t have an .edu backlink? Well then, this will be your first .edu backlink if you don’t have one. For now enjoy, these free .edu backlinks, and share it to others so they can use it as well. Hope this will a good help for you and your site. Take advantage of these fresh free .edu blogs to post comment.

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