Google Chrome Problem Webpages Displaying Rainbow of Colored Squares *SOLVED*

Learn how to fix your problem with your Google Chrome where some webpages display rainbow of colored squares. Apply the quick solution below, and hopefully just like mine it will remove your Google Chrome problem.

Upon updating my Google Chrome to the most up to date version and latest release, I have been experiencing an error and problem on it where webpages show boxes of rainbow colored squares.

I have continuously experience this problem this past few days, and it somewhat irritates me as for example I’m reading an article and this error happens, I have to refresh, reload, or open the webpage again in a new window.

While this error may go away for a few seconds, the bug itself is becoming a nuisance.

Here is a screenshot of the Google Chrome Browser Rainbow Colored squares error.

Google Chrome problem colored boxes

I have been using the latest version of Google Chrome (as of now) on Windows 7 64-bit, see screenshot below.

Google Chrome latest version

How to Fix Google Chrome Problem Webpages Displaying Rainbow of Colored Squares

Below are the steps I did to fix my Google Chrome problem.

1. From the Google Chrom Browser, type chrome://flags

Chrome flags

2. Disable the GPU composting on all pages flag.

diable GPU composting on all pages

3. Click on Relauch Now below to reload your Google Chrome Browser.

Google Chrome relaunch now

Your Google Chrome browser will restart after doing the last step. So far, I did not experience the problem after using the solution above.

If you are encountering this problem where Google Chrome Problem Webpages Displaying Rainbow of Colored Squares, try to do this quick fix, and hopefully your problem will be solved just like mine. Let me know if this guide helped you. Cheers!

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