Google Conway’s Game of Life Easter Egg

Google Search Conway’s Game of Life Easter Egg

Try this Google Conway’s Game of Life Easter Egg, live HTML/Javascript particle simulator based on Conway’s Game of Life.

How to show the Google Game of Life Easter egg?

Google Search Conway's Game of Life

In Google Search, type “conway’s game of life” or “conways game of life” and the HTML/Javascript particle simulator will appear. From there you can shift your view to full screen, and pause, play, or fast forward using the buttons.

Google Conway's Game of Life

A brief introduction about the Conway’s Game of Life:

The Game of Life is a “cellular automation”, invented by Cambridge mathematician John Conway. The game consists of collection of cells which can live, die, or multiply based on a few mathematical rules. The cells form various patterns throughout the course of game.

Game of Life

It was also the inspiration for the Hacker Emblem. Which shows to express sympathy with hackers’ goals, hackers’ values, and the hacker way of living. This particular formation will transfer itself in a gliding fashion across the Game of Life board.