Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 – Tutorial Get ~ 3 Seconds Score

Want to get ~3 seconds or less than 4 seconds score in Google Doodles Hurdles 2012? I’m sharing my secret on how I got this score. Seems like a world record for Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 without “cheating”.

Upon browsing Google search, I’ve noticed that the logo of Google search is now a doodle game featuring the London 2012 Hurdle Sports event. I tried anyway possible to get 3 stars on it but it seems like I’m stuck at 2 stars, but anyways I’ll be sharing how I get more over 3 seconds or just less than 3 seconds score in Google Doodles Hurdles 2012.

Here’s my Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 World Record! Can you beat it? Well, yes you can after reading this guide. 🙂 I got only 3.3 seconds!

Google Doodles Hurdles 2012

Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 World Record 2.8 Seconds!
See my vid where I got only 2.8 seconds! 🙂


1. Just download my compiled script below. (It’s safe!)

Download Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 by Wiztechie

  • SHA256:               c09d87e4e234e4a4ae6bc33fd42ee49fd3d46623a4ea7ec706d37e81788ed180
  • SHA1:    b0fd81a720be35d247320495bce1671fb40eadd8
  • MD5:     b4383db64b74acf2451abb3f03d16bd1
  • File size:               271.8 KB ( 278285 bytes )
  • File name:           Google-Doodles-Hurdles-2012-by-Wiztechie.exe
  • File type:             Win32 EXE
  • Detection ratio:                3 / 42 (False Positives generated by AutoIt binaries)
  • Analysis date:    2012-08-07 05:38:09 UTC ( 0 minutes ago )

2. Open your browser (I use Google Chrome), and go to Google homepage, where the Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 can be seen.

Note: Use the Google homepage, as this won’t work using the doodle link.

3. Open the downloaded file (Google-Doodles-Hurdles-2012-by-Wiztechie.exe), and QUICKLY shift to your browser. (It has about 2 seconds delay time on it. So you only have ~2 seconds to shift to your browser with the Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 game loaded.

Important: To quit using the program, just press the TAB key.

4. Just click the Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 Play button.

5. Congrats on your less than 4 seconds score! 🙂

6. Press the TAB key to quit the program.


Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 Ultimate Cheat: Get 0 seconds time and 3 stars!

Caution: No fun in doing this!

1. Upon finishing the Google Doodle Hurdles 2012, using Google Chrome browser, right click the game and select “inspect element”.

2. Change the value of “hplogo_sbt” to your desired time.

Google Doodles Hurdles

3. Change the values of the three “hplogo_sm” to “hplogo_smg”

Google Doodles Hurdles

4. See your score. See mine below.

Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 World Record

Tada! 0.1s score with 3 stars!

I rather enjoy the first method than this one, as it seems more “legit”. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this fun tutorial guide on Google Doodles Hurdles 2012. Stay safe, and have fun. Don’t forget to subscribe to our site to get the latest updates!

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