Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 – Tutorial Get Less Than 15 Seconds Score!

Do you like to get less than 15 seconds score in Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012? I’m sharing my secret on how I got my best score. Seems like a world record for Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 without “cheating”.

Looking at the Google search homepage, it now has a Doodle game that features the London 2012 Olympic Canoe Slalom. Previous Google Doodles that are featured on the search homepage are Google Doodles Hurdles and Google Doodles Basketball. Canoe Slalom is a competitive sport where players aim is to navigate a canoe or kayak through a course with river rapids in the fastest time possible. It is one of the kayak and canoe sports presented at the London Olympics.

Playing the Google Doodles Slalom Canoe, I manage to get a score of 12.8 seconds with 3 stars! Which I believe the best score for Google Slalom Canoe! Anyways I’ll be sharing how I got my highest score in Google Doodles Slalom Canoe.

Here’s my Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 World Record! Can you beat it? Well possibly, yes you can after reading this guide. 🙂 I got only 12.8 seconds!

Google Doodles Slalom Canoe Best Score

Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 World Record 12.6 Seconds!
See my vid where I got only 12.6 seconds! 🙂

[iframe 420 315]


1. Just download my compiled script below.

(It’s completely safe! Below is VirusTotal result. All flags are False Positives generated by AutoIt binaries.)

Download Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 by Wiztechie

  • SHA256: c09d87e4e234e4a4ae6bc33fd42ee49fd3d46623a4ea7ec706d37e81788ed180
  • SHA1: b0fd81a720be35d247320495bce1671fb40eadd8
  • MD5:  b4383db64b74acf2451abb3f03d16bd1
  • File size: 271.8 KB ( 278285 bytes )
  • File name:  Google-Doodles-Slalom-Canoe-2012-by-Wiztechie.exe
  • File type:  Win32 EXE
  • Detection ratio:  4 / 42 (False Positives generated by AutoIt binaries)
  • Analysis date:    2012-08-07 05:38:09 UTC

2. Open your browser (I use Google Chrome), and go to Google homepage, where the Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 can be seen.

Note: Use the Google homepage, as this won’t work using the doodle link.

3. Open the downloaded file (Google-Doodles-Slalom-Canoe-2012-by-Wiztechie.exe), and QUICKLY shift to your browser. (It has about 2 seconds delay time on it. So you only have ~2 seconds to shift to your browser with the Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 game loaded.

Important: To quit using the program, just press the TAB key.

4. Just click the Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 Play button.

5. Congrats on your less than 15 seconds score! 🙂

6. Press the TAB key to quit the program.


Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012 Ultimate Cheat: Get 0 seconds time and 3 stars!

Caution: No fun in doing this!

1. Upon finishing the Google Doodle Slalom Canoe 2012, using Google Chrome browser, right click the game and select “inspect element”.

2. Change the value of “hplogo_sbt” to your desired time.

Google Doodles Hurdles

3. Change the values of the three “hplogo_sm” to “hplogo_smg”

Google Doodles Hurdles

4. See your score. See mine below.

Google Doodles Slalom Canoe World Record

Tada! 0.1s score with 3 stars!

Well I enjoy the first method, rather that doing this one, as it seems more “legit”. 🙂 Hope you enjoy this fun tutorial guide on Google Doodles Slalom Canoe 2012. Enjoy, and have fun with your best score. Don’t forget to subscribe on our site to get the latest updates!