Google Doodles Soccer 2012 – Tutorial Get Highest Score!

Want to get the highest score and best record in Google Doodles Soccer 2012? I’m sharing my secret strategy on how I got my highest score. I think this is the world record for Google Doodles Soccer 2012 with no “cheats”.

Google Doodle Soccer is an interactive soccer sports game where you control a goalie and your objective is to block as much as possible football thrown or kicked by the kicker or scorer. The Google Doodle Soccer game is based on the London 2012 Olympics game. As Olympics 2012 is happening in London, Google made their Google Search homepage more interactive and fun by presenting some doodles. Google Doodles Hurdles, Google Doodles Basketball, and Google Doodles Slalom Canoe were featured on their home page in the past.

Today, I’ll be sharing my trick on how I got 108 points with 3 stars in Google Doodles Soccer 2012! 🙂

Here’s my Google Doodles Soccer 2012 World Record! Can you beat it? Well, possibly you can after reading this guide. 🙂 I got 108 points score!

Google Doodles Soccer 2012 World Record

Google Doodles Hurdles 2012 World Record 108 Points!


1. Open your browser (I use Google Chrome), and go to Google homepage, where the Google Doodles Soccer 2012 can be seen.

Note: You can use this link to play Google Doodles Soccer,

3. Now this is the trick. Press CTRL + +(Plus) on your keyboard, that’s CTRL plus the plus sign. (Shortcut key to zoom the browser.)

4. Use the zoom key to zoom the Google Doodle Soccer game as much as possible, and stop where you are comfortable. Mine looks like below.

Google Doodle Soccer cheat

4. Just click the Google Doodles Soccer 2012 Play button.

5. Playing zoom mode makes the game much much easier, as you can easily see where the ball is coming. Another good tip is focus to look on the shadow, if it has shadow then you have to jump.

With good reflexes maybe you can do much more high score, and even beat my Google Doodles Soccer 2012 World Record!

Have fun beating my Google Doodle Soccer Best Record and Google Doodle Soccer Highest Score!

google doodle soccer highest score

Hope you enjoy reading this fun tutorial guide on Google Doodles Soccer 2012, and hope it helped you a lot! Cheers and have fun. Remember to subscribe on our site to get the latest updates!


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