Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” Easter Egg

Browsing on and using Google search homepage (U.S.), I just found out that the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” Easter Egg. The “I’m Feeling Lucky” button now changes its labels to: “I’m Feeling Hungry”, “I’m Feeling Stellar”, “I’m Feeling Puzzled”, “I’m Feeling Playful”, “I’m Feeling Artistic”, “I’m Feeling Wonderful”, “I’m Feeling Doodly”, and “I’m Feeling Trendy”.

Each of the buttons will take you to a different Google site.

See and try it for yourself and find out where the special buttons will takes you to.

Steps to recreate the scenario Easter egg:

1. Go to Google Search homepage (if you are outside U.S. then you could use the link and you will be using Google Search in English in the U.S.)

2. Mouse over the Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button.

Google I'm Feeling Lucky

3. The Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button will change to different buttons below.

I’m Feeling Hungry:

Google I’m Feeling Hungry

Takes you to a Google search results page using the word “restaurants” as the searched keyword term.

I’m Feeling Stellar:

Google I’m Feeling Stellar

Takes you to a Google Image search results page using the word “orion+nebula” as the searched keyword term.

I’m Feeling Puzzled:

Google I’m Feeling Puzzled

Takes you to Google a Day game.

I’m Feeling Playful:

Google I’m Feeling Playful

Takes you to Google Doodles Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday Page. Jim Henson is the creator of the Muppets, a smart and fun puppeteer show for children.

I’m Feeling Artistic:

Google I’m Feeling Artistic

Takes you to Google Art Project featuring “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.

I’m Feeling Wonderful:

Google I’m Feeling Wonderful

Takes you to Google World Wonders Project featuring Himeji-jo. It shows Himeji Castle a great example of classic Japanese castle architecture.

I’m Feeling Doodly:

Google I’m Feeling Doodly

Takes you to Google Doodles 2012 page, where it shows all the doodles on year 2012 plus you can search for a specific Google Doodles using the search bar.

I’m Feeling Trendy:

Google I’m Feeling Trendy

Takes you to Google Trends – Hot Trends page. It shows the recent Google hot searches in United States.

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Hope you have enjoyed this Google Easter eggs as much as I do. Good thing that the links point out so some important Google tools and pages that a user can use. I know about the Google Hot trends page and the Google Doodles, but didn’t know about the Google a Day game, Google Art Project, and Google World Wonders Project. Just learned a thing or two from this Google “I’m Feeling Lucky” Easter Egg. 🙂