Google Glass #ifihadglass Contest Winners

Google Glass #ifihadglass Early Contest Winners

Google has conducted a Google Glass Contest where they are seeking Explorers to help them shape the future of Google Glass. Here are some of the early selected winners and soon to be Glass Explorers that are invited to join their program.

To those who have joined and waited patiently for the announcement of the results, Google have been sending invitations to their Explorer Program through Google Plus (Google+) and Twitter. #ifihadglass contest is now currently closed and successful applicants will be notified if they had been chosen to participate in testing the Google Glass.

google glass ifihadglass contest winners
Google Glass is a tech eye product gadget by Google that lets you record what you see hands free, and can be controlled or operated using voice commands. The gadget can do a lot of things for you, like letting you share what you see live, get directions right in front of you, speak to send message, aks whatever is on your mind, translate your voice, and answers without having to ask.
Below is a video of Google Glass in action.

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#ifihadglass Early Contest Winners

Here are some of the early winners of the Google Glass #ifihadglass contest.

If you don’t hear from Google yet, don’t lose hope as there will be more chances to get your hands on the Google Glass at later dates. You can sign up here, to keep you informed about the Google Glass.