Google Loses Domain. Is Feedburner Dying?

Google loses the Feedburner Japan’s domain, which seems that Feedburner has a very low priority in Google. is Feedburner Japan’s domain much like (which now redirects to for English language users.

Whether intentional or accidental, Google has failed to renew the Feedburner Japanese domain (, and Japanese Feedburner users are now visiting a parked domain name. Using online whois tools, Satoshi Mito just registered the on August 1. The domain is now currently parked.

While Google doesn’t have any official statement regarding this, some marketers already assumed that Feedburner is dying.

Some Evidences That Makes Users Think That Feedburner is Dying

In addition to the non-renewal of the Japanese domain, below are some evidences that makes users think that Feedburner is dying.

Google says goodbye to the AdSense for Feeds blog on July 26, 2012. Google stated in their post that, they’re just not generating enough content to warrant user’s time, so they won’t be posting on the AdSense for Feeds blog any longer.

adsense for feeds blog

Google closed the Feedburner Twitter account on July 26, 2012. Google says goodbye to Feedburner Twitter account with the message below.

feedburner twitter

Google FeedBurner API have been officially deprecated as of May 26, 2011 and will be shut down on October 20, 2012. A message on Google Developers FeedBurner API states that the Google Feedburner APIs have been officially deprecated.

Google Developers FeedBurner API

What’s Feedburner’s Future?

Google did explain that the blog and Twitter account closures are just a part of their general cleanup of unused communication channels. Apart from the Feedburner blog and Twitter account, Google also closed the Conversion Room blog and the Google Analytics France blog.

While we still don’t know yet what will happen to Feedburner in the future. There are Feedburner users that feel safe that the domain issue regarding Feedburner Japan won’t be a problem soon. Also domain doesn’t expire until December 1, 2014. Others though don’t feel safe about it.

So which is which? Google loses domain. Is Feedburner dying?

One recommendation and advice if ever you are using Feedburner, is to save a copy of your FeedBurner Email Subscriber details and information.  Better safe than sorry.

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