Google +1 Content Unlocker for your Site

Want to know how to create a Google +1 content unlocker for your site? Here you will learn how to create a Google +1 content unlocker using jQuery. Well probably you see many content unlocker nowadays, as many websites are adding some unlockers to their content.

Whether its Facebook content unlocker, Twitter content unlocker, Google +1 content unlocker, and the list goes on. So why do website owners do this? Actually its not only the website owners, even other people like recording artists are doing this. In an exchange of like or subscribing via your email address, you get a chance to download and see their content, whether if its an ebook, a free music download, free software, or a free premium content.

google +1

For today we’re going to show to how to create a Google +1 content unlocker for your site. With Google Plus sharing becomes easy, as it is Google’s way of doing social networking. See related article on how to create Google Plus Brand Page for your business or site.

Google +1 Content Unlocker Features:

  • Can be added easily on your site
  • Uses JavaScript and jQuery
  • Protects your content
  • Un-hides your content if Google +1 button is clicked

How to create your Google +1 content unlocker?

Here is the step by step guide in creating your own Google plus content unlocker.

Google +1 content unlocker demo: (hit the Google + 1 button to see the detailed guide in creating your own Google +1 content unlocker)

This Google +1 unlocker code shown above is very easy to integrate with your website. Implementing this kind of unlocker is so easy as you just have to copy and paste the code above into the right places. From here you can play with the Google +1 content unlocker codes. Here I tried to create a double layer content unlocker with it, meaning you must hit the Google +1 button to see the hidden content. This is to show you that you can play and innovate with the Google +1 unlocker code.

Hopes this guide has been a great help and next time we will show how how to create a Facebook like content unlocker and a Twitter content unlocker. For now enjoy this Google +1 Content Unlocker for your site. Have fun!


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