How to Use Google Search to Find Free to Use or Share Images

Google Guide: How to Use Google Images Search for Free to Use Images

Looking for a way on how to use Google in searching for free to use or free to share images for your web content? This guide will help you learn how to use Google search to find free to use or share images. If you are constantly adding content on your site, definitely you want to spice it up by adding relevant images on the content itself. But did you know that potentially some images that you have been using are copyrighted? This happens especially if you just did a quick image search on Google, and just copied or saved the image that got your attention.

Having a habit of using other copyrighted images may certainly affect your blog or site, so it is better to use freely available images that you can put and place in your web content. This guide will show you how to search for free to use images using the Google Images search.

Steps in Using the Google Search to Find Free to Use or Share Images

1. Go to and click on the Images Tab

google images

2. Type in your image keyword and press Enter. (e.g. ipad 3)

3. Click on the Setting button (located on the top right side of Google search result) after the initial results have been shown.

google images settings

4. Choose the Advanced search

google images setting advanced search

5. Go to the “usage rights” tab, located on the bottom of the settings, and select “Free to use or share

google images usage rights

6. You can also narrow down your Google search by adjusting the image size, aspect ratio, image colors, region, site or domain, and by indicating the file type of the image.

google images narrow results

7. Click on the Advanced Search button afterwards.

The Google Images search results will now depend on what setting you have adjusted. If you have followed this guide the way it is, then the image results that Google show are free to use or share. This trick can also be used on Google web searches. This quick Google guide will certainly help you search for images and content that free to use or share. Using the Google usage rights certainly help narrow down Google search results. Hope this guide on how to use Google search for free to use or share images help you somehow.