Google’s Death Benefits and Perks

Learn more about Google’s death benefits and perks! A couple or more reasons why you would want to work in Google. Google’s “death benefits” policy is made to provide help for its employee’s families. It turns out to be that Google will keep paying deceased employees’ families for a decade.

There are many perks that Google offers for its employees which are designed to help them enjoy a healthier life. One of the perks that Google offers is the Google death benefits policy, which I think made their work force, ideally happy and healthy. No wonder, Google is one of the top 10 techie companies in the world.

In an interview with Forbes’s Meghan Casserly, Laszlo BockGoogle’s Chief People Office (head of HR) reveals that there are death benefits at Google.

The death benefit goes like this. If someone pass away while being employed by Google, that person’s surviving spouse or domestic partner will be receiving a check for 50 percent of the deceased’s salary. That spouse or domestic partner will receive that check every year for the next decade.

And that’s not all, in addition to the 10-year pay package, surviving partners will get all stocks vested immediately, and any children of the decease, will receive $1,000 a month from Google until age 19. This gets amended up to age 23, if those children happen to be full time students.

google death benefits

Wow, that’s truly awesome and admirable for Google. People always want to protect and care for their families, and this is good as Google appreciates not only their employees but also their family.

This seems like Google is providing an in-house life insurance for their employees, and it turns out to be that the reason Google is doing these things for their employees is not because their important to business, but simply it’s the right thing to do.

No wonder, with these Google death benefits and perks, a lot of talents wants to join with Google.

Source: Forbes