Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks

Here is a Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks to help you out with your Guild Wars 2 game.  In playing Guild Wars 2 game, you must know some tips and tricks so you game properly plan and strategize what would be the best class or profession to complement your game style.

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Guild Wars 2

If you are looking for a quick alternative, straight to the point Guild Wars 2 beginners guide then read on below and it will greatly help you especially if you will just be starting playing Guild Wars 2.

  • In creating a new GW2 character, pick your race carefully. Various races don’t have stat differences, but their unique skills offer advantage. Unique skills that the races offers, will be the same no matter what profession you choose.
  • All of the GW2 professions can support allies and heal themselves, including Warriors. So if you want to play a supportive role in your party, you can do it whatever profession you choose. Feel free to choose profession that will make you feel better.
  • Never sell your looted equipment to vendors unless they are considered as junk items, which name is written in grey, as they do not offer much. Equipment is the main source of materials for most crafting disciplines. Once you have finished the tutorial area, buy a salvage kit and start gathering. Note that cheap items like starting equipment can’t be salvaged.
  • Better salvage kits means higher chance of getting a stat out of the item and put it on the empty socket of another item. Invest in salvage kits, and if ever you find item with good stats that you wanted, it is best advised to use your best salvage kit.
  • Collectable items that are used for crafting disciplines and stats extracted from salvaged equipment can be sent to the bank without you needing to be in a City. Just use right click on the item and choose to send it to your collection. Do not let you inventory get filled up with this stuff as space is important.
  • You can find the collectable items that were send to your main bank vault on a separate place where all of the collectable items go. Half-finished craft items are not considered collectables and they can only be stored using your main vault.
  • If you happen to have some gems that are acquired by paying real money or buying from other players through gold, it is recommended to use it to increase your bank space. On first look, you may think that your bank space is enough, but it is actually shared will all of your created characters.
  • Buy two of the three gathering equipment (mining picks, harvesting sickles, and logging axes) as soon as you got out of the tutorial. Gathering items gives you XP plus it helps on your crafting disciplines. Don’t bother buying all three of them, as you’ll get to choose one of the three gathering equipment as a reward for an upcoming personal story quest.

Hope this Guild Wars 2 Beginners Guide, Tips, and Tricks helped you! Until then, I’ll be sharing some Guild Wars 2 guides with you.