How to Adjust Privacy Settings on Facebook

Here is a guide on how to adjust privacy settings on Facebook. This guide will help you not share too much information in your Facebook profile with the wrong people.

Proceed in following this guide as there are many identity thieves that take advantage of wide-open and unprotected Facebook profiles.

Millions of people all over the world enjoy connecting with family and friends on Facebook. People share out the latest adventures and current happening in their life. Though there are times that we share more than we know, and more that we should be sharing.

For example, a Facebook stalker with access to your profile might be able to answer security questions that are associated with your online banking account. Simple questions such as name of your pet, that can be answered when your Facebook public profile shows a picture of you and your pet together with caption of your names. This sounds silly but this happens, and the cyber crook now knows that secret answer because of your public photo.

Don’t get too scared though, as there are ways to tighten up your privacy in Facebook.

Below is a step by step guide on how to adjust Privacy Settings on Facebook, and make your privacy tighter.

How to Adjust Privacy Settings on Facebook

1. Click on the arrow on the right of Home, and choose Privacy Settings.

2. Under “Control Your Default Privacy” there are three choices: Public, Friends and Custom. If yours is set to Public, then you are sharing everything publicly on Facebook. Immediately change this to Friends, so by default only your friends will be able to see your posts, photos, and more.

facebook privacy settings

3. Click Manage Past Post Visibility and click the Limit Old Posts button. Doing this will auto correct older public posts, and any past posts that were visible to everyone or friends of friends will be changed, so that only friends will be able to see them.

facebook manage past post visibility

facebook limit the audience for old posts on your timeline

4. Click on Edit Settings on How You Connect. In here you will have to make choices depending on how you want other connect with you on Facebook. Just set the setting depending on how you see as appropriate.

facebook how you connect

5. Click on Edit Settings on Timeline and Tagging. Choose and edit the settings according to your preferences. You can control what happens when your friends tag you or your content, or post on your timeline based on the settings. If you are a bit of private person then you can copy my settings.

facebook timeline and tagging

6. Click Edit Settings on Ads, Apps and Websites, click the Edit Settings on How people bring your info to apps they use. You can be the most careful person in Facebook, but your friends may expose tons of your private information.  Uncheck all the boxes that you don’t want your friends be sharing for you.

facebook how people bring info to apps they use

If you want to get more private, turn off Instant personalization. Instant personalization lets participating websites give you personalized experiences based on your public information.

facebook instant personalization

If you are really a private person, you can turn off public search. Public Search lets you be searchable on search engines.

facebook public search

Facebook, in the future, may allow third party application or ad networks the right to use your name or picture in ads. It is recommended that you turn this OFF by selecting “No one”, or rather show only to your friends. To go to this setting, click Edit Settings on Ads, and click on Edit third party ad settings.

facebook ads shown by third parties

If privacy is important to you, then must know how to properly adjust your Privacy Settings on Facebook. This way you will be protecting your Facebook profile to identity thieves and cyber criminals. Hope this how to adjust Privacy Settings on Facebook help you.