How to Archive and Delete all Facebook Messages

If you are searching for a quick and easy way on how you can backup and delete all your Facebook messages then this guide on how to archive and delete all messages on Facebook will help you.

Facebook right now, does not give its users a more convenient way on deleting all messages. If you want to delete all of the messages from your Facebook inbox, then you have to manually open the message then use the “delete messages” button from the Actions, check all the messages, then finally click on the “Delete” button.

The current method on doing it seems tedious and may take a huge effort on your part plus may take some time depending on the number of messages you have.

Good thing though is that there is a method on how to delete all Facebook messages easily, and you will be learning that from this guide.

how to delete all facebook messages

Important: This method will delete all your Facebook conversations and messages, so you may want to save your Facebook messages and conversation first before doing this.

As stated above, if you want to have a copy of your Facebook messages and access the data locally, then read the steps below:

How to Backup / Archive Facebook Messages

1. Download a copy of your Facebook data from the Facebook Account Settings. The button “Download a copy” of your Facebook data exists below under the General Account Settings.

2. Proceed on clicking “Start My Archive”. The Facebook backup or archives will be sent to your email address by Facebook. Download either the basic or the expanded archive, depending on your preference. This may take a few hours.

facebook archive

Facebook Archive consists of:

  • Photos or videos you have shared on Facebook
  • Your Facebook Wall posts, messages, and chat conversations
  • Your Facebook friend’s names and some of their email address (only for friends that allow their email address to show on their account)

Facebook Archive is not consists of:

  • Your Facebook friends’ photos and status updates
  • Other people’s personal info
  • Facebook comments that you have made on other people’s posts

Assuming you have received and saved your Facebook archive locally, and ready to delete all messages on your Facebook account, you can now proceed on following the steps below.

How to Delete all Facebook Messages and Conversations

1. Copy the Facebook Delete all messages javascript code below.

javascript: /* visit us at */ var elems=document.getElementsByTagName('div'),i;for(i in elems){if(elems[i].className.indexOf('-cx-PRIVATE-wmThreadlistRow__threadRowContent')>-1||elems[i].className.indexOf('_l4')>-1||elems[i].className.indexOf('_l2')>-1){if(typeof elems[i].click!='undefined'){var lo=i;if(elems[i].className.indexOf('-cx-PRIVATE-wmThreadlistRow__threadRowContent')>-1){var txt='-cx-PRIVATE-wmThreadlistRow__threadRowContent'}else if(elems[i].className.indexOf('_l2')>-1){var txt='_l2'}else{var txt='_l4'}break}}}elems[lo].click();if(typeof document.getElementsByName('yes')[0]!='undefined'){document.getElementsByName('yes')[0].click()}lol();while(elems[lo].className.indexOf(txt)>-1){elems[lo].click();lol()}alert('DONE! Visit us at');function lol(){var elems=document.getElementsByTagName('a'),i;var a=0;for(i in elems){if(elems[i].innerHTML.indexOf('itemLabel fsm')>-1){a=a+1;if(a==9){var lo1=i;break}}}elems[lo1].click();document.getElementsByName('delete_conversation')[0].click()}


2. Open your Facebook inbox.

3. For Google Chrome users only: Open your Javascript console by pressing in Windows, Ctrl + Shift + J and in Mac OS, Command + Shift + C.

4. Paste the copied script and press Enter. (For other browsers, you can paste the copied script on the browser URL bar.)

5. That’s it! Once completed, a message box will pop up saying “Done”. (If there are still messages, you can go to step 2 again until all messages are deleted.)

Congratulations! You have successful archived and deleted all your messages on Facebook. Smile and have fun, as you have learned how to archive and delete all your Facebook messages.