How to Boot in Safe Mode on Windows 8

How to Boot in Safe Mode on Windows 8

Looking for a way or guide on how to boot in safe mode in Windows 8? If you have been searching on how you can boot in safe mode in Windows 8, then this Windows 8 guide will help you. We will be showing you two ways on how to boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode.

In troubleshooting your Windows 8 machine, there are times when you wanted to boot it on safe mode to skips errors that prevent a normal startup. But the Safe Mode in Windows 8 is not as simple compared to the previous versions of Windows such as Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Back in using Windows 7, you just need to press and hold F8 to access the safe mode in the boot option. However Windows 8 doesn’t allow you to access the same options. Though there are pre-release versions of Windows 8 that just replaced the F8 key to Shift + F8, but generally, this option doesn’t work anymore.

The Windows 8 now has the ability to monitor the startup procedure, so that when problems are detected, it will automatically take you into its new recovery mode which normally presents the message: “Recovery: It looks like Windows didn’t load correctly.

Methods to boot your Windows 8 in Safe Mode

Method 1:

When Windows 8 automatically detect startup problems, it will take you to its new recovery mode. From there, select the advanced repair options and then choose, Troubleshoot Advanced options, “Windows Startup Settings”, and then Restart.

Your Windows 8 computer will boot into an “Advanced Boot Options”, which “Safe Mode” can be selected.

Method 2:

If you can boot to Windows normally, but need to go to the Safe Mode manually, then follow this method.

Press the Windows key or from the Start screen, type in msconfig.

This will launch the System Configuration.

Select the “Boot tab”, next to the “General Tab”.

How to Boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode

Use the Windows 8's System Configuration windows to boot it into Safe Mode.

On the screen, as shown on the picture above, check box to enable Safe Mode boot, with various different options for Safe Mode available.

Click Ok, and then click on Restart to boot your Windows 8 machine or laptop into Safe Mode.

By using the two methods above, you can now boot your Windows 8 computer into Safe Mode. Have fun and hope you enjoy learning how to boot Windows 8 in Safe Mode.