How to Build Windows 8 App in 30 Days

How to Build Windows 8 App in 30 Days

Learn how to build Windows 8 app in 30 days for free! Start your own journey embracing Windows 8 design to code, test, and create your own Windows 8 app over the next 30 days.

Windows 8 is the latest operating system by Microsoft and aims to make a standard platform over Desktops, phones, tablets, and other handheld devices. Building your own Windows 8 app is a great way to build your online presence and make money online, either it’s for yourself, your company, or current business you are working with.

Microsoft started Windows 8 Generation App to help developers, coders, and people who wanted to build their own Windows 8 app turn their idea into a real app. They offer a week by week online training guide where users can participate and build their own app in the process.

Read below on how to access this free training on how to build Windows 8 App in 30 days.

How to Build Windows 8 App in 30 Days


Below are the tools needed in building Windows 8 apps.

Windows 8 RTM

Windows Store app development tools

Design Assets (Optional: PSD assets includes templates, controls, and common components like contracts, notifications, and tiles.)

Week 1 –  Planning and designing your Windows 8 app

Day 1: Planning your Windows Store app

Day 2: Design guidance for Windows Store apps

Day 3: Category guidance for Windows Store apps

Day 4: Windows design case studies

Day 5: Getting ready for app development with tools and templates

Day 6: I’ve coded a great app on another platform. What can I do?

Day 7: Diving deep into app development with your selected language, with a spotlight on games

Week 2 – Coding your Windows Store app

Day 8: Writing code your way

Day 9: Asynchronous programming and why it’s important to your app

Day 10: Creating a user interface

Day 11: Defining app resources

Day 12: Working with data and files

Day 13: Responding to user interaction

Day 14: Creating Windows Runtime components

Week 3 – Making your app shine

Day 15: Tiles—what they are and why they’re important to your app

Day 16: Debugging and testing your app

Day 17: Launching and resuming apps

Day 18: Adding multimedia

Day 19: App contracts and extensions—why it’s an enhancement to consider

Day 20: Connecting to peers, Web, and network services

Day 21: Enhancing your app with productivity in the background

Week 4 – The finishing touches: Getting your Windows Store app certified and published

Day 22: Integrating devices, printers, and sensors

Day 23: Using the Windows Live SDK

Day 24: Apps using the network or the cloud

Day 25: Getting your app ready for the Windows Store: Certification requirements and the Windows App Certification Kit

Day 26: Selling your app

Day 27: Adding ads to your app

Day 28: Making money with your app

Day 29: Packaging your app

Day 30: Congratulations

Learn How to Build Windows 8 App in 30 Days Training

To access the training, visit How to Build Windows 8 App in 30 Days

You can choose from the categories below:

  • Build Windows 8 Apps
  • Build for Windows 8 Games
  • Build for Windows Phone

Start your journey today and learn how to build Windows 8 app in 30 days.  Get free help and support you need to help your Windows 8 app developed and submitted in the Windows Store.

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