How to Bypass iOS 6.1 iPhone Lock Screen

iPhone devices running on iOS 6.1 are susceptible to a security flaw that allows a user to bypass the lock screen passcode. Here is a guide on how to bypass iOS 6.1 iPhone lock screen.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only. We are not responsible for whatever actions that you will be doing upon learning this.

What this trick does, is that it bypass the lock screen on iPhone 5 users running with the latest iOS 6.1 platform even when a password is set.

The security flaw is easy to exploit and lets a user bypass the security code and use the full Phone app. By accessing the Phone app, the user can have access to the address book, contacts, voicemail, as well as the pictures app by trying to change a picture from the contacts.

bypass iphone passcode

How to Bypass iPhone Passcode on iOS 6.1

Below are the steps and method to do this trick.

1. Go to Emergency Call.

2. Dial 112 (or 911) and ten tap green and red immediately, instantly.

3. Go to the lock screen.

4. Go to passcode screen.

5. Keep pushing down the power button, 1-3 seconds and before showing the slider “turn off”, tap the emergency call button.

6. Without releasing the power button, press the home button (same thing with screenshot) .

Update: Easier steps to bypass iPhone 5 lock screen

1. Press Emergency Call

2. Dial 112 call and hang up.

3. Lock phone and unlock it.

4. Hold the lock button for 3.5 seconds and then press emergency.

5. When contact appear take a screenshot. (Power + Home button)

This trick will bypass an iPhone’s passcode and get full access to see and edit the contact list, recent call list, favorite contacts, and even make a call to any number and erase the log.

See the complete video tutorial for more details. Note that iPhone 5 was used on the video.

[iframe 420 315]

Bug and vulnerability still haven’t fix with the iOS 6.1.2 update, and upon researching we found out that there’s another new security vulnerability with the iOS 6.1.2.

The bug uses many of the same steps from the above security vulnerability. Additionally, what the bug does is that it turns the iPhone screen black and allows users to plug the phone using a USB code and view phones plus the contact information in iTunes without having to bypass the lock screen passcode.

The bug was discovered by Benjamin Kunz Mejri, founder and CEO of Vulnerability Lab.

For more details about the security flaw, watch the video below.

[iframe 420 315]

Apple are already working on fixing the security flaw, although it is unclear whether it would be on the next update, iOS 6.1.3. While there is no specific date for iOS 6.1.3, the update can possibly roll out at any time.

iOS 6.1.3 also seems to be patching the bugs that used by the Evasi0n jailbreak tool to iPhone users running on iOS 6 and later. So, expect that the update can break the Evasi0n untethered jailbreak.