How to Change Facebook Relationship Status Without Anyone Knowing

How to Change Facebook Relationship Status Without Anyone Knowing

Want to know how to change Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing? Here is a guide on how to change your Facebook relationship status without notification. Why is this important? Well, most of us value privacy and there are things that are better to not tell anyone as either it’s not the right time to share or digging up too private things that would cause trouble, and one of these, is the Facebook relationship status change or update.

Often in Facebook, we tend to post status updates in our Facebook timeline or Facebook wall that we wouldn’t want anyone to know, things that we believe are too private to share or it is not the right time to share. These are status like changing your Facebook relationship status from “In a Relationship” to “Single”. As you know, there are ways on how to make your Facebook relationship status change not viewable in public eye. As often, auto posting this kind of status update makes instants gossips, rumors, or any opinion about yourself. For this fact, it seems better to know on how to change Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing.

For starters, in order to make your “breakup” private, you have to do some changes in your Facebook profile, and we are here to guide you in doing this. For now let’s see some how-to-gallery in doing this at the same time explaining some concepts.

Facebook Relationship Status

With Facebook timeline, your relationship status is more like a mini poster, and you should choose whether to broadcast it to your friends or other people.

Facebook Relationship Break-Up

Using the Facebook default settings, Facebook will alert all your FB friends using the News Feeds when your relationship status changes like from being in a relationship then you changed it into being single.

This is what you do not want to happen right? Read below steps to see how to change your Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing.

1. Edit your Facebook Profile

Go to your Facebook profile page, then click the “About” link just under your Facebook profile picture.

2. Edit your Facebook Basic Info

Edit the “Basic Info” box by clicking on the “Edit” icon located in the top right side of the Basic Info box.

3. Make changes to your Facebook Privacy

Just click the globe like icon in the right side, the select “Only me”. Save your changes.

4. Facebook Relationship Box

Go to the Facebook “Relationship” Facebook Info box then click on the “Edit” icon.

5. Change your Privacy settings

Just like what you did above, click the globe like icon, then select “Only me”. Hit “Save”, as your relationship status will be dropped, do not worry as this will not alert nor flash an alert on your friend’s news feeds.

What if you have already made an status update and you want to remove it in your timeline and activity log. Accidentally broadcast a Facebook relationship status update? Don’t worry as you can remove it from your Facebook timeline quickly. Follow the steps below.

1. Click your “Activity Log”. This is located on the top right side of your profile page just below your Facebook cover picture.

2. Do the previous step, and you will see your Facebook relationship status update in your activity log, then click on the “circle” in the right of your status, then select “Hidden from Timeline”.

Doing the above steps will make the Facebook relationship status hidden in your timeline and in your Facebook profile, and it will also disappear in your Facebook friend’s news feeds.

Follow this guide and this will make your Facebook account more private which is perfect for private persons out there. Facebook relationship status update can sometimes cause quarrel, dispute, or big news between involved parties. Many of us are very private in nature, and have some deep respect regarding relationship. Is broadcasting your relationship status to people, good or bad? Well, the answer depends on you and how you perceive, but for now you’ve just learned how to change Facebook relationship status without anyone knowing.

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