How to Create a Recovery Drive in Windows 8

Knowing how to create a Recovery Drive in Windows 8 is a life saver in case something bad happens to your PC. In this article you will learn how to create a Recovery Drive in Windows 8. A Recovery Drive provides you an alternative way in booting your machine and run recovery tool in case something goes wrong. Windows 8 is the newest operating system by Microsoft and is an O.S. upgrade to Windows 7.

In order to use and find the Windows 8 Recovery Drive Creator, enter “recovery” or “recover” from the Start Search and then click on “Settings” to view the all results for “recovery” in the Settings page.  Select the “Create a recovery drive” from the results.

Windows 8 Create Recovery Drive

The Recovery Drive Creator is a desktop-based wizard that will enable you to create a recovery drive.

Windows 8 Recovery Drive

After clicking “Next”, you’ll be greeted by an option to connect a USB flash drive, or see a list of available drives. If you want to use an optical media like CD-RW or DVD-R instead of USB flash drive, you can click on “Create a system repair disk with a CD or DVD”.

Windows 8 Recovery Drive Wizard

Select the drive you want to turn into a Recovery drive and click “Next”. The Recovery wizard will warn you that everything on the drive will be deleted as it will be formatted. Click on “Create”.

Windows 8 Creating Recovery Drive

Recovery Drive wizard will prepare and format the drive. It will copy over the utilities, tool, and other files needed to make an recovery environment.

Windows 8 Recovery Tools

That’s it. It is quick and easy. To use the created Recovery Drive media to access the recovery environment and its tools, just boot your PC using the Recovery Media.

There are other ways to access the recovery media and the recovery tools. But in case of last resort, where your PC won’t boot up to your operating system, you can use your Recovery Drive. Note that if you have a Windows 8 installer media, you can also use it to access the recovery tools. To access the recovery tools using Windows 8 installer, just boot using it on your machine, and then click “Repair your computer” from the “Install Now” screen.