How to Create Google Plus Page for Business, Site or Brand

Want to know how to create Google Plus page for business, site or brand? Here you will get to learn about creating a Google Plus page plus tips and tricks you can do to make your page popular. For starters what is Google plus page? Google+ or the Google plus page, are like Facebook fan pages. Google plus lets you share things online plus you get to join other Circles, Messenger and Hangoouts. The Google plus page, pertains about your own profile page either for your business, website, or brand. Google plus page makes you more searchable.

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How to Create a Google Plus Page?

Step 1. Get your own Google account and Sign-in.

If you have a Gmail account, then you already have a Google account. Sign-in on Google+ if you already have an account, else if you don’t have one just create a Google+ account. Don’t worry is FREE. One good tip is if you want your Google plus page be manageable by others, like for example your Marketing Team perhaps, then create an account that your Marketing Team can use.

Step 2. Create a page from your Google Plus account.

create a google plus page

Click on the create a page to start creating your own Google plus page for your business, site, or brand.

Step 3. Choose your Google+ page category.

pick a category google plus page

Choose whether your Google plus page is about:

  • Local Business or Place – Choose this category if your page is going to be about your local Business
  • Product or Brand, Company – For websites, companies, branding etc.
  • Institution or Organization – Social organizations, or groups, etc.
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports – Pertains to arts, sports, entertainment
  • Other – Choose this if your page can’t be categorized with the categories listed

Step 4. Add your info.

add your info google plus page

Fill out the forms about your page. Look at the example below. To make your page publicly visible, select “Any Google+ user” on the page content visibility settings. Agree to Google Plus Page Terms and click on the “Create” button.

Step 5. After clicking on the Create button. Just wait for a few seconds and let Google create your page.

just a second google plus page

Step 6. Finally, you have your own Google Plus page for your business, brand, or website!

wiz techie pinoy tech blog google plus page

Your Google Plus page should finally be created by now. Customize your Google plus page by changing your page profile photo, adding photos, editing your info such as the about, and adding videos.

Google Plus page Tips and Tricks

Share your page to others by clicking on the Share button. Share in on Google+. Add names, circles, and email addresses of your friend so that you can increase the popularity of your page. More friends or more people you know means greater circles you will have.

share on google plus

Start posting on your Google plus page. Start sharing your photos, links, videos and other interesting content to others.

start the conversation google plus
Have a website? Place the Google Plus badge on your site.

google plus badge

Placing your Google plus badge in your site, makes it easier for your site viewers to follow you easily. All you have to do is insert some code snippet provided by Google on your website. Your Google plus badge will now appear on your site, with its appearance and style depends on how you have customized it in the badge setting.

Here is a sample badge, which you can interact. Try it. Try clicking on the Google+ button or the follow button.

In SEO perspective on websites, Google plus page helps drive traffic into your site, especially if you have a large Google circle and large group of followers. Your followers will be updated real time with what you share on your Google plus page. Share things like photos, videos, or links to promote your site. It also helps your site be visible in search engines. Knowing how to create Google plus page for your business, site, or brand, certainly helps your site be visible to public. Try creating your now and starting sharing on Google+.

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