How to Customize and Add Widgets on Nexus 4

How to Customize and Add Widgets on Nexus 4

Ever wanted to add or customize your widgets on Nexus 4? Here is a tutorial guide on how you can add and customize downloaded widgets on your Nexus 4. In owning a Nexus 4 mobile smart phone, you got access on customizing and adding widgets on your screen. If you are into designing or wanted to make your phone look sleeker then one option you can do is to customize your screen by adding Nexus 4 widgets on it.

If you are looking for more Nexus 4 widgets, you can download them directly at the Google Play Store. There are certain Android apps that are widget ready and chances are that you have already downloaded one. So in order to use that widget in your screen, just follow this tutorial guide for it.

Below is a step by step guide with screenshots to help you learn how you can add and customize widgets on your Nexus 4 screen.

Steps to Customize and Add Widgets on your Nexus 4 Home Screen

1. Tap on the “Apps” button.

Customize and add Nexus 4 widget - Step 1

2. Tap the “Widgets” next to the Apps button.

Customize and add Nexus 4 widget - Step 2

3. In here, you can see all available Nexus 4 widgets which you can add on your screens. Tap the widget you wanted to add.

Customize and add Nexus 4 widget - Step 3

4. Now tap and hold that widget and move it from left to right to select the screen you wanted it on. Simply let go of the app, and it will be placed on the selected screen.

Customize and add Nexus 4 widget - Step 4

5. To customize or remove the widget, just tap and hold it until the “edit mode” is activated. From here you can choose to remove the widget by dragging and dropping it on the “Remove” button, or edit it by released it. The available customization depends for that particular widget. Usually you can resize it by dragging the sides. After finishing edit, you can tap again your screen.

Customize and add Nexus 4 widget - Step 5

That’s it! You have just learned how to customize and add widgets for your Nexus 4. Keep in mind that this is also helpful if you have a particular widget which you constantly use. Adding them on you home screen will let you access that application faster.

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