How to Direct Download Torrents Using Internet Download Manager

Learn how to download torrents directly using IDM. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to direct download free online movies, music, apps, etc. torrents file with Internet Download Manager softwares. There are times that torrent ports are blocked in your network firewall, which mostly happens in colleges and universities network. If the torrent ports are blocked from the firewall or router, then you cannot download files using your torrent application softwares such as uTorrent or BitTorrent. However there still a way the torrent files, and in this guide you will learn how to download torrents files directly with your Internet Download Manager programs like IDM, which ensures full download, and with resume and pause features.

Disclaimer: Note that we are not responsible for any files that you download with this guide.

How to Direct Download Torrents With Internet Download Manager

Tools and Applications to be used:

Learn How to Download Directly Torrent Files (Directly Download Free Online Movies, Music, Apps, etc. Torrent Files)

Step by Step Guide on How to Direct Download Torrent

1. Download your .torrent file from any torrent website you wanted.

2. After downloading your .torrent file, go the

3. Sign up, it’s free.

4. Click on the upload link, and upload your .torrent file.

5. Wait for the download link to appear. (May take some time depending on the size of the files.)

6. Click Free and your download will start.

7. Use Internet Download Manager for better speed, pause and resume download. (optional)

Using this guide, you’ll be able to download free movies online even if torrent application does not work in your computer machine. We recommend you to use Internet Download Manager as it will boost your download and prevent files from being corrupted. This makes sure that the free online movie, music, or any file can be run without errors. Enjoy downloading, you have just learned how to direct download torrents using Internet Download Manager. Hope this tech guide has been useful and informative. Have fun!