How to Disconnect WiFi Users on Wireless Network without Admin Access

Here is a guide and trick to remove and kick unwanted wireless users or devices off from a WiFi network without having administrator access. This guide will certainly help you disable Internet connection for network hoggers on the same wireless network.

There are times that we are troubled with other users as they tend to abuse the Internet and waste bandwidth like downloading multiple torrent files or watching countless of streaming videos. These users tend to hog the network and worse is that they leave you with little bandwidth to use, making your Internet connection poor and even unable to load web pages.

If you have administrator access, you can just login to the WiFi router’s admin console and use either MAC filtering or turning off the DHCP and limiting the IP pool range to prevent network hoggers. However if you have no admin access then you just have to deal with little bandwidth left unused by the network hogger. But no worries as you can use the trick below as it doesn’t require any administrator access on the WiFi router, plus it’s more fun to use it in removing users in a wireless network.

This guide aims to help you learn how you can disconnect them on the wireless network without having administrator access on the WiFi router.

disconnect wifi users

Important: This information on how to disconnect users in a WiFi network without Administrator privileges is for educational purposes only, and we are not responsible for actions that you will be doing upon learning this trick.

If you are ready to learn how to kill WiFi connection of users in your wireless network then read on.


  • Rooted Android phone or tablet (Version 4.x)
  • Connection to the WiFi (Network SSID + Password if it has)


1. Connect to the WiFi or wireless network.

2. Download the WiFiKill (WiFi Kill Downloader) and install it on your Android device.


3. Decide to choose whether to use the Free version or the WiFiKill Pro version, and install it. The free version will install the WiFiKill Free which has limitations and shuts down every 5 minutes. You can first try the free version to know how the app works.

4. Press the Start button to detect the users and devices connected on the wireless network. Wait for it to finish loading or find the target IP address.

wifikill android

5. Click “Grab all” or select the target IP address and then tap “Grab”.

6. You can now kill the target’s WiFi connection by pressing “Kill”.

This will kill the target’s connection and you’ll now have the full bandwidth to use for yourself.

Now enjoy the full bandwidth as you have removed a pesky network hogger abusing the WiFi Internet connection.