How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7

Guide to Dual Boot Install BackTrack with Windows 7

This guide is for those who:

  • Wanted to Dual Boot BackTrack to his existing Windows machine.
  • Wanted to experience installing, operating and configuring BackTrack in a REAL machine.


Doing BackTrack, penetration testing Linux distribution dual boot install with Windows is not that tough, just follow this guide.

First take note of these things:

1. You have a downloaded BackTrack.
If not then download BackTrack.
Created a bootable CD/DVD or USB out of your downloaded BackTrack ISO file.

2. Since you are going to dual boot BackTrack (penetration testing Linux distribution), then be prepared to resize and repartition your drive.


Notice that the steps are the same with How to Install BackTrack in your Hard Drive – Step by Step Guide with the exception of resizing or modifying the partition of your hard drive for BackTrack to co-exist with the Windows partition.

Step 1
How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7
Boot the BackTrack on your computer or machine where you will be installing BackTrack.

After finishes booting, enter “startx” to go to the graphical KDE interface.


Step 2
Double click on the “Install BackTrack” shortcut icon on the Desktop, or you could type in the command “ubiquity” in the console.


Step 3
How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7
Select your Language the click Forward.


Step 4
How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7
Select your location and time zone the click Forward.
Do the same for your Keyboard layout.


Step 5
How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7
Prepare disk space. This window allows you to configure your partitions.
Select “Erase and use the entire disk” (assuming that we are deleting the whole drive and install BackTrack on it).
Click Forward.


Step 6
How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7
Ready to install. Accept the installation settings summary. Click Install, and wait till the installation is finished and completed. Restart your machine.


Step 7
How to Dual Boot BackTrack with Windows 7
Log in to BackTrack using the default username and password.

username: root
password: toor

Change your root password.

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