How to Find Lost Windows Phone 8

Lost your Windows Phone 8? Read this guide and find out how to find lost Windows Phone 8 using Find My Phone.

Windows Phone 8 has a built in free service called “Find My Phone” that makes it easier to recover your Windows 8 Phone, and prevent someone from using it without your permission. Find My Phone can be found at the My Phone section of where you can ring, erase, lock, or show your Windows Phone 8 on a map using any computer that has an internet access. Below are some of the steps and ways you can use in helping you find and track your lost Windows Phone 8.

How to Find Lost Windows Phone 8 using Find My Phone

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How to Setup Find My Phone

If you are setting up Find My Phone for the first time, you’ll need to do a few things before making it work; this includes signing in with your Microsoft account. Below is a quick rundown on how to setup “Find My Phone” service for the first time.

1. From your computer, visit

2. On the upper right corner, find and click on “Find My Phone”. You’ll be prompted to sign in with the same Microsoft account you are using on your phone.

3. Click on “Find My Phone”, and then proceed to follow the instructions.

How to Map your Phone’s Location

Proceed in following the first three steps above, and then do any of the following:

1. Click Refresh, if you are now seeing your latest location.

2. Click Print, to make a hard copy of your Windows Phone 8 location.

3. You can click “Center on map”, if you have scrolled far enough on the map and have lost track of the location of your phone.

How to Make Phone Ring

Using the same steps above, you can click “Ring” by following instructions to ring the phone. Note that even if your Windows Phone 8 volume is off or in a vibrate mode, the phone will ring.

 How to Lock your Phone and Show a Message

1. Use Find My Phone by going to

2. Click Lock, and follow the instructions. Initially, if you don’t have a password for your phone, you’ll need to enter one. You can use the password to unlock the phone if you happen to get it back.

3. Optionally, you can type a message to be displayed on your phone’s lock screen. It is recommended to provide a phone number or an email address in the message, so if someone good hearted finds your phone he or she can contact you immediately.

How to Erase your Phone

1. Use Find My Phone from

2. Click Erase, and select “Yes! Erase my phone immediately”, the click Erase again.

How to Change Settings for Find My Phone

One great way to setup Find My Phone, is to set it up to save your location every few hours or use the push notifications instead of text messages to send out commands to your Windows Phone 8 faster and cheaper.  Below are the steps you can use to change the settings on your phone.

1. Go to App list, the tap Settings, and then tap on Find my phone.

2. Select any of the following, or both:

Send apps to my phone using push notifications (not SMS). By default SMS or text messaging is used to send commands and apps to your phone, by enabling this setting, your phone can receive messages faster as push notifications can be faster than text messages.

Save my phone’s location periodically and before the battery runs out to make it easier to find. Find my phone can save your Windows Phone 8 location details every few hours, you can enable this setting so Microsoft can still show your phone’s last location on a map before battery dies.

That’s it! Hope this article and guide on how to find lost Windows Phone 8 using Find My Phone help you in anyway it can.