How to Find Your Facebook Stalkers?

Want to know who’s your Facebook stalker? Here is a guide on how to find your Facebook stalkers.

Ever wonder who’s been peeking at your Facebook profile? Well sure you may have. Below is a tool which you can use to find out who’s stalking you.

Facebook don’t have a feature just like way back on Friendster (when it was all about social networking not games), where you can see people who viewed your profile.  While Facebook stalking had been discussed in the past, and ranges from total harmless where people check out photos of their friends, to completely creepy, like for example someone every minute looks at your picture. Now there’s a way to find out Who’s Your Stalker.

How to Find Your Facebook Stalkers

Who’s Your Stalker is a Facebook application which keeps track of your friend’s public interactions like wall posts, likes, comments, and more and determine who’s interested with you lately. App is simple and fast and produces an output photo that you can show with your friends.

who's your stalker

Try out Who’s Your Stalker Facebook app, and find out who’s stalking you recently.

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