How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone or Tablet

How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone or Tablet

Did you dropped your mobile phone or tablet in a sink, toilet, or a bucket of water or maybe spilled water on it? Here is a guide on how to fix and save your water damaged phone or any gadget.

Tech gadgets often help makes our lives easier, but chances are some of them are susceptible to damages, like being wet. Some people really do experience their phones getting wet in rains or maybe unconsciously spilling water or dropping it in a puddle of water. Since water and electronic gadgets often does not make a good partner, for the reason that electronic circuitry is designed for electric currents to travel on pathways. Getting your gadget wet results into a short circuit. This is frustrating especially if your phone or gadget is quite expensive or contain important files on it like pictures, contacts, and messages.

fix water damaged phone or tablet

In case that this event happens to you, there still chance that you can save your water damaged phone or tablet. Just read the tips below to fix your wet phone or any other gadget.

Steps to Fix a Water Damaged Phone or Tablet

1. Your immediate action should be just to get your phone or tablet out of the water as soon as possible. Water can get inside your gadget in no time, and can pass through open areas. Though there might be a protecting cover for your gadget, there still chance for the water to get inside of it especially if it get soaked on a bucket of water. Just be quick to take your phone out of the water. The longer your phone or tablet is immersed on the water, the more damage it will have.

Important: If your phone is connected to a wall charger while submerged in water, do not attempt to remove it from the water immediately as you might experience electrical shock. Turn off your main power switch or any similar action first.

2. Remove your phone’s battery. Water and electricity do not work hand in hand, so the best thing to do is to quickly remove the power supply of the phone.

3. Strip your phone, tablet, or gadget down. Remove everything that you can come off from your device. Usually some of the items that can be removed are SD cards, SIM cards, head phones, and back covers. The more you strip your gadget down, the better. Don’t break your phone; just try to open up as many points as possible for the air to get it and the water to get out.

4. Use towel or paper towels to remove as much water as you can. This will dry your gadget. Make sure you have completely wiped and removed the water from it.

5. To make sure that you have complete removed water, use vacuum cleaner. If you have a vacuum cleaner with a narrow nozzle, then that is better. Try to get as much moisture out by sucking ports of your gadget. While some might say that dryers can be an alternative, keep in mind that using dryers can damage your mobile phone. Too much heat can melt up your components. Using vacuum cleaner is much better and recommended than using dryers.

6. Dry it off using dry rice or Rice Krispies. Place your device into a bowl of dry rice or Rice Krispies (breakfast cereal). Rice is a good absorbent of water as will help you save your device.This will suck up the liquid on your phone, tablet, or gadget. Leave it there for 48 hours or more, and try to rotate your gadget every now and then.

7. After 48 hours or more, remove your phone or table from the rice bowl to test it. If you happen to see any signs of moisture still lurking on your device, then put it back in for more time. If it looks like it’s really dry, then put your battery in and test it. Hopefully and with luck, your gadget will turn on, and up and running again.

That’s it! Hope this guide helped resurrected and saved your water soaked or wet cellpone gadget. Have fun as you have learned how to fix a water damaged phone or tablet.

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