How to Get Free Dota 2 Beta Keys and Invites

Want to know how to get free Dota 2 Beta Keys? Here is a guide on how to get your free Dota 2 Beta Keys. Get free Dota 2 invites, and start playing Dota 2 now. Dota 2 Beta key can be used by entering the beta code in the Steam client. Having the right Dota 2 Beta Key will make you subscribe to Dota 2 Retail and make you play the Dota 2 game. Some Dota 2 Beta Keys are region restricted, meaning they are binded in specific areas like the Dota 2 Retail (SE Asia).

If you already have your Dota 2 Beta Keys, and want to try if it works. Then simply read this how to use and activate Dota 2 Beta Keys guide.

Ways to Get Free Dota 2 Beta Keys and Invites

Below are the steps and ways on getting free Dota 2 Beta Keys and invites. The steps below are the legit ways in getting Dota 2 Beta Keys and Dota 2 Gifts which will make you eligible to play the Dota 2 game.

Dota 2 Gift Giveaway by

dota 2 gift

Get a chance to win free Dota 2 gift by simply joining our Dota 2 extra copies giveaway event. Note that having a Dota 2 gift instead of the Dota 2 Beta Key will make you play Dota 2 in all areas and location. It is not restricted like some Dota 2 Beta Keys. Dota 2 gifts lets you add Dota 2 game in your Steam game library, which in turn makes you eligible to play Dota 2.

dota 2 gift email

Answer the Dota 2 Beta Survey by Steam

Just by answering the Dota 2 beta survey, you can obtain Dota 2 beta keys from Valve.

1. Become a Steam member by creating an account on it. Steam is free to join, and the Steam gaming client is used in order to play Dota 2.

2. Download and install the Steam client.

3. Update your Steam client.

4. Click this Dota 2 Survey link.  Be sure that you are logged in your Steam client before clicking the survey link.

5. Dota 2 Hardware Survey will pop up, just keep on hitting Next.

6. Answer honestly the Dota 2 Player Experience Survey.

dota 2 survey

7. Wait and count on your luck for your Dota 2 beta key. Note that this will take some time, as there are lots of gamers submitting their entry.

PlayDota Dota 2 Beta Key Draw

PlayDota is giving out 180 Dota 2 Beta Keys every day. All you need is to post in their thread, and wish that PlayDota Bot will choose you as a winner. Visit PlayDota Dota 2 Beta Key Thread.

Here are the details of the Dota 2 Beta Keys Draw

  • 180 members will win a DotA 2 beta key each day and the winners will be randomly chosen by a bot. The bot will also post the names of the winners, and the users will receive the Dota 2 Beta key via PM.
  • Only accounts created before 04/05/2012 are eligible for the Dota 2 Beta key draw.
  • Multiple posts on the thread from a single account won’t increase your chance of winning.
  • Caught multiple accounts posting on the thread will be disqualified.
  • No need to post multiple times every draw, just one single post is suffice.

Listed above are the ways on how you can get free Dota 2 beta keys and invites. Share this to others so that they may now how to get Dota 2, as playing with your friends is more fun than playing it alone. This way you get to develop teamwork and camaraderie. Hope you enjoy this guide on how to get free Dota 2 Beta Keys and Dota 2 invites.

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