How to Get Free VPN Service on Windows and Android

Want to learn how to get free VPN service on Windows and Android devices?  Read this guide and learn how to get free VPN service that you can use to hide your IP address.

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Download Hideman to mask your IP address and location during internet surfing, plus it also offers anonymous browsing.

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how to get free vpn service

Hideman is a free VPN service with multiple server locations that allows you to hide your computer’s IP address when you are surfing the Internet. If you are looking for ways on how to hide your IP address, how to surf anonymously, how to browse anonymously, how to get free VPN service, then Hideman is for you.

Hideman offers three major features:

  • Hide your IP. So nobody will know where are you from.
  • Encrypt Internet data. It protects Internet data with strong 256-bit encryption.
  • Remove limits. You can use any site you need without any limitations.

What is VPN?

VPN strands for Virtual Private Network, and VPN services are handy when you want to browse and surf the internet privately. VPN helps protect your surfing habits that are cached by websites. Using VPN will make your ISP don’t know what you are doing on the Internet.  If you want to surf anonymously then you should be using a VPN service.

How VPN works?

Connections that pass through VPN are encrypted, this means that the Internet data is safe from anyone snooping users in the same network. Using this is really helpful to remove your fear that someone in Internet cafe, hotel, or airport are stealing personal information and data from you.

How Hideman Can Help You Surf Anonymously?

Hideman provides its customers a free VPN service and WiFi protection services. Hideman allows for an encrypted pathway beween servers and hardware, making use of VPN to allow completely anonymous, and unsurpassed privacy. Hideman offers their VPN service through the use of their special software which you can download for free (see above link).

When a user runs Hideman, it provides a free VPN service that manually establishes a unique IP address and country of origin.

Download Hideman using the link above for free! Its users will be able to use Hideman’s free VPN service for four hours a week, providing them a nearly unlimited free trial.

Have fun hiding your IP address and browsing anonymously as you have learned how to get free VPN service on Windows and Android devices