How to Get Rid of Network Hoggers and Disable their Internet using Android

Learn how to get rid of network hoggers and disable their Internet using your Android device.  Read this guide and know how to disable Internet connection for a device on the same network using Android.

Download WiFiKill

Download WiFiKill Android app to get rid of pesky network hoggers in your WiFi network.

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WiFiKill is an app that lets you kick other devices off a WiFi network. This is very useful for disabling internet connection for someone that is abusing the Internet and wasting precious bandwidth watching dozen of nonsense video clips. Use this app to kill the network hogger’s connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth for yourself.

How to Get Rid of Network Hoggers Using Android

Google pulled WiFiKill from its market but you can download and install it using the link above. Read below for some of the information regarding WiFiKill before you use it. Check out the YouTube video below to see its demo.

WiFiKill Requirements:

Note that WiFiKill is for rooted Android devices only.

Minimum Android version: Android 2.1

Minimum screen width: 240 dpx

Requires features:

  • Touchscreen
  • Wifi

Requires permissions: 

  • Access network state
  • Access wifi state
  • Broadcast sticky
  • Internet
  • Vibrate
  • Wake lock

WiFiKill Changelog:

WiFiKill v1.7 (05/11/2011) uninstall needed:

  • fixed the counter bug (I hope for the last time)
  • added an option to redirect HTTP traffic to specific IP (caution! this may lead to significant CPU load)
  • now successful kills are tagged by green icon on the left of IP 🙂 (this is not 100% correct)

WiFiKill v1.6 (03/11/2011):

  • added an option to have sorted list of devices (by IP or by MAC) – see Settings
  • fixed a lag in preference screen
  • Searching is now looking for IP or Name
  • minor changes here and then

WiFiKill v1.5 (22/10/2011):

  • added an option to assign a name to device’s MAC (long-click on the IP)
  • added an option to show the notification status bar
  • added option to set the range of IPs to scan, you can also stop the scan by pressing the search progress bar
  • fixed some strange no-subnet-scan issue?
  • fixed a bug that caused the percent to go over 9000!!!
  • new ICON! the old was ugly, this is simple… meh.

WiFiKill v1.4 (19/10/2011):

  • fixed a few Force Closes
  • added check-for-updates feature
  • fixed something more… don’t remember what it was now…
  • fixed “Vibrate when new IP is found” bug (vibration never stopped)
  • removed unused permissions (I think)

WiFiKill v1.3:

  • added Menu => Search option for devices without hardware search button (sgs2)
  • touching the “searching” progress will stop searching and reschedule it in 30 seconds (useful with large networks)

WiFiKill v1.2:

  • fixed two FC
  • fixed counter bug (I hope)
  • fixed “ALL” toggle (should work as expected now)

WiFiKill v1.1:

  • added reject methods in settings
  • search button assigned to… searching IP’s
  • fixed device count bug
  • fixed FC
  • (maybe) fixed a iptables error (in settings disable iptables)

WiFiKill Demo:

[iframe 560 315]

WiFiKill allows you to scan your WiFi network for connected devices. It also lets you see their vendor and cut the network connection for specified devices. Using WiFiKill will let you get rid of network hoggers. Have fun as you have learned how to get rid of network hoggers and disable their Internet using your Android device.