How to Get Someone’s Email Address from Facebook

Ever want to know the email address of a person that he or she is using on Facebook? Here is a guide to grab that Facebook email address even if it’s hidden on his Facebook account.

Follow the step by step tutorial guide below and learn how to get someone’s email Facebook email address using the Yahoo Contact Importer app that is integrated on Facebook.

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. You are solely responsible for anything that you will do upon learning this Facebook trick.

Important: In order to pull this trick properly, you need to be Facebook friends on the target. He or she must be on your Facebook friends list.

Steps to Get Someone’s Email Address from Facebook

1. Go to then register for an account. If you already have a Yahoo account then you can skip this.

fb email address step 1

2. Go to Yahoo Mail, and then click on the Contacts bar.

3. Click on the Import Contacts button. You can easily see it as it has a Facebook friend-like icon on it.

fb email address step 2

4. Select Facebook, by clicking on the Facebook logo.

fb email address step 3

5. Enter your Facebook account email address and password, then click the OK button.

fb email address step 4

6. Yahoo! Contact Importer will access your friends list. Wait for it to finish processing until all of your Facebook contact list has been imported into your Yahoo! Contact list along with the email addresses associated with your Facebook friends.

7. Click on the view imported contacts.

fb email address step 5

8. You will see a contact list, and from there search for the person’s account details. You will be seeing his or her name plus the email address associated on that account.

how to get facebook hidden email address

That’s it! You just have learned how to get someone’s email address from Facebook. Enjoy learning and have fun! Note that we do not take any responsibility on what you will be using the email addresses for.