How to Hide Rar Files in Images

How to Hide Rar Files in Images

Want to know how to hide .rar files inside images? Here is a step by step complete detailed guide on how to hide files inside images and how to view hidden files in images. Hiding files inside images is known as stenography. Stenography is the art and science of writing hidden messages so that no one, except from the sender and the indented recipient suspects such existence of the message.

In this guide you will be learning how to use stenography in your Windows machine. I’m using Windows 7 right now, so in the screenshots you will see Windows 7 user interface.


  • WinRar or any Rar software (7-Zip etc.)
  • Command Prompt

Step by Step Guide on How to Hide Rar Files in Images

How to Hide Rar Files in Images

Take note that, I have one secret file named: secret-message.txt. This is the file that I will be hiding in an image named: ninja.jpg.

how to hide rar files in images

1. Compress your secret file or files using WinRAR or any RAR softwares such as 7-Zip.

how to hide rar files in images

how to hide rar files in images

2. Open your command prompt.

3. Go to the folder or directory where the files to be used are located.

4. Using the command prompt, type the code below.

copy /b [image_file] + [rar_file_to_hide] [new_image_result_name]

how to hide rar files in images

e.g.: copy /b ninja.jpg + secret-message.rar ninja2.jpg

5. That’s it! You have successfully hide a .rar file inside an image!

How to View Hidden RAR Files Inside an Image

Want to view you secret file/s? Then see the steps below. You can choose between the two steps below in viewing your hidden file.

1. Change the extension of ninja2.jpg to .rar (ninja2.rar), and open it using your WinRAR application.

2. Right click on ninja2.jpg and choose open with WinRAR.

Both of the steps above will let you view and open your secret file.

Test it out yourself, try viewing the secret message on the ninja pic in this article. 🙂

This trick will help you if ever you want to conceal files from anyone. The secret hidden files will be inside an image or images, which I doubt anyone will suspect that there are files hidden on it.

If you have been playing Wiztechie’s Test Your Hackers skills game, there is an actual stage where stenography was done to conceal the password to that stage. The actual file that contains the password is hidden inside the image.

This technique was suspected to be used by cyber hackers in order to hide a message and let them pass the files without suspicion from other people.

Hope this tutorial have been useful. Have fun as you have learned how to hide rar files in images.