How to Install BackTrack Live in USB

BackTrack Live USB Install

Install BackTrack Live in USB

In order to create a BackTrack Live USB we will need to use UNetbootin. You can use your BackTrack Live USB for penetration testing.
UNetbootin allows a user to create bootable Live USB drives for Linux distributions like Fedora, Ubuntu, etc. without burning a DVD or a CD.

  • USB drive with a minimum capacity of 2GB

Here are the steps on how to install BackTrack Live in USB

Step 1
Plugin your USB Drive. (Take note that the minimum capacity must be 2GB)

Step 2
Format your USB drive into FAT32.

Step 3
Start UNetbootin and select Diskimage then select the Browse button and locate your BackTrack ISO file.

How to Install BackTrack Live in USB

Step 4
Select your USB Drive the click OK to start creating the bootable BackTrack USB drive

Step 5
Reboot your machine, boot to your USB drive to test.
The default username and password for BackTrack is
username: root
password: toor