How to Install Jarvis Iron Man Theme in Windows 7

In this guide you will learn how to install Jarvis Iron Man theme in your Windows 7 machine. JARVIS is Iron Man’s personal AI computer program that assists him in production of the Iron Man suit. If you have watched the Avengers Movie or past Iron Man movies, surely you have seen Jarvis. It is Tony Stark’s artificially intelligent computer that has the ability to interact with human beings just as a living person.

See pic below from the movie where Tony Stark aka Iron Man uses Jarvis.

Iron Man Jarvis

In this guide you will learn how to customize your Windows 7 computer desktop screen to look like “Jarvis”.

Preview of your Windows 7 desktop after installing Jarvis Iron Man Theme

Jarvis Iron Man Theme

Also come with red, yellow, and green colors.

Red Jarvis Iron Man Theme

Yellow Jarvis Iron Man Theme

Green Jarvis Iron Man Theme

Steps on how to install Jarvis Iron Man Theme in Windows 7

1. Download Rainmeter.

Rainmeter is a destop customization tool that displays customizable skins right on your Windows 7 desktop. With Rainmeter, you can enhance and modify your Windows desktop with skins and add some compact applets which float freely on your desktop. For this guide, we will be using Ironman Jarvis Rainmeter.

2. Download Jarvis Iron Man Theme.

Download the Jarvis Iron Man theme and skin, and double click the file. Downloaded file is a .rmskin file that will be installed if you have Rainmeter application installed on your computer. Customize and adjust your Windows 7 background accordingly and arrange the widgets as shown on the screenshot above. If you do not want the background with Iron Man’s face on it, you can just create a new background. I recommend a completely black colored background as it would perfectly fit the design of Jarvis theme.

Hope you have enjoyed this short guide on how to install Jarvis Iron Man theme in Windows 7. Just let me know if you encountered some problems. Remember to subscribe on our site to get the latest updates delivered straight to your email inbox.