How to Jailbreak Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Looking for a way on how to root Samsung Galaxy S3? Learn how to jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3 with this complete guide and tutorial on rooting your Samsung Galaxy S3. We have compiled one of best way on how to jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3 devices which we normally use for rooting, and if you have been searching over the net on how to root Samsung Galaxy S3 then this guide will greatly help you. Keep in mind that there is always a risk involve when you root your Android phone.

In jailbreaking your Samsung Galaxy S3, you need to have tools, which you will be using to root your Android phone. Do not worry if you are a total newbie on this, as we have included a step by step guide below and a video tutorial that you can follow along to understand and learn how to root Samsung Galaxy.

how to root samsung galaxy s3

Required tools on how to root / jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3

To root the Samsung Galaxy S3, you need to install CWM using Odin on your phone, and then install the CMW superuser. Download the packages below.

  • Download Download the file, but do not extract it. Just copy the to your phone’s internal storage. Keep it as “.zip” format, and we normally just copy it on the root directory.
  • Download on your computer. You’ll be extracting this file as you need to open the application on your computer. Extract the zip file to gain access on the Odin3 v3.04.exe.
  • Download clockworkmod.tar on your computer. Do not extract clockworkmod.tar.
  • Download Samsung USB Drivers for Windows. If you are using Windows, then you’ll need to install the Samsung USB drivers. Do the same for Mac or Linux, just use the necessary Samsung USB Drivers.

If the above Samsung Drivers don’t work, then:

  • Visit Samsung Mobile’s website
  • Search for your phone, mobile or tablet.
  • At your mobile’s page click on Support located at the top right.
  • On the Support page click on Get Downloads.
  • On the Download Center click on Software and then download the USB drivers from the list.

Tutorial on how to root / jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3

WARNING: Rooting your Android device may be potentially dangerous as it could brick your unit. Do this at your own risk. While this may be a proven and working method on how to root Samsung Galaxy S3, you still need to take precaution.

Before you can begin to root/jailbreak your Samsung Galaxy S3, you must install CWM Clockworkmode.


Install CWM ClockWorkMode

  • Download the files above which you will be using in rooting your phone: CMW Super User v3.07, Odin 3.04, Samsung USB drivers, and clockworkmod.tar.
  • Check if the USB Debugging (found under Settings -> Developer options) is enabled in your Android phone, then turn off your S3. Remove and reinsert its battery.
  • Put your Samsung Galaxy S3 phone into download mode. To do this, press and hold Volume Down + Home + Power keys simultaneously.
  • Start the ODIN application on your computer which you have downloaded on the required tools.
  • Connect your Android phone to the PC using USB cable. If you have successfully complete the above steps, then Odin window should show that the device has been detected, otherwise Odin will not respond and you will have to repeat the steps again from the start.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 using Odin

  • Click on the PDA button located in middle of the Odin screen and select clocworkmod.tar, and then press Start Button.
  • Odin will process the flashing of your Galaxy S3 firmware. This may take some time, so just wait for it to finish. The phone will reboot once the flash process is complete.

Steps on how to root / jailbreak Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Download software.
  • Connect your Android phone to your computer or just directly copy the CMW_SuperUser_v3.07 zip file into your Samsung Galaxy S3 external SD card.
  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy S3.
  • Put your Android phone in recovery mode. To do this, press Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button until your S3 boot into CWM Recovery mode.
  • Once your phone is in the recovery mode, keep pressing the volume down button until you find “Install Zip from SD Card” option. Press Power button to select the option “Install Zip From SD Card”.
  • Select the copied “” file after you’ve selected the “Choose Zip from SD Card”. Just scroll down by pressing the volume down button and then press Power button to choose the “”.
  • Select the “Yes – Install” option. Installation will be processed and will be completed in a few moments. You will need to reboot your Samsung Galaxy S3 once it finishes.
  • Congrats! Your Samsung Galaxy S3 is rooted!

If you want to check if your Samsung Galaxy S3 is properly rooted, you can download the root checker tool.

Below the a video you can watch on how to jailbreak/root a Samsung Galaxy S3 from T-Mobile or Sprint.

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